A burglar recently entered a Braselton home, taking a Coca-Cola and tacos.

Jackson County Sheriff's Office deputies were called for the burglary report on New Liberty Church Rd.

The complainant said that when she arrived home, she noticed someone had been inside her residence. She saw a partially-consumed bottle of Coca-Cola and a plastic food container, which contained tacos she'd previously cooked, were left on a bench.

She also noticed a watch that she didn't recognize.

The complainant said the suspect may be a homeless woman who frequents the area. She said she didn't want to get the suspect in trouble, but wanted officers to give her a "stern warning." The complainant later said she did want the suspect arrested.


Other recent incidents reported to the JCSO in Braselton and Hoschton were:

•information on East Castle View Dr. where officers checked on a man who possibly suffers from dementia after his home alarm went off. The man was transported to the hospital.

•civil matter on Cooper Bridge Rd. where a man reported a woman wouldn't return his vehicle after he let her borrow it. The Jeep later ran out of gas and officers notified the complainant where the vehicle was.

•possession of marijuana less than an ounce, possession of drug-related objects and failure to maintain lane on Ednaville Rd. where officers were called after Braselton police stopped a vehicle for failing to maintain lane in Jackson County. Officers found a smoking pipe, a black metal tray, a grinder and suspected marijuana. The driver was cited.

•agency assist on Hwy. 53 where officers assisted the Braselton Police Department with a hit and run. The complainant said a vehicle struck his vehicle, but did not stop. Officers issued a lookout on the suspect's vehicle and officers later found it. The complainant was transported to the hospital.

•suspicious activity on Rebecca St. where someone reported people were causing a disturbance by riding dirt bikes up the road.

•information on Hwy. 124 where a man reported his keys went missing at a Hoschton fast food restaurant.

•suspicious activity on Jackson Trail Rd. where someone reported an older woman in her pajamas was acting suspiciously and getting closer to the road, but officers didn't find the woman.

•information on Peachtree Rd. where someone reported speeders. The complainant got into an argument with the driver.

•dispute on Gold Crest Dr. where two women asked officers to check on a family member after she left driving possibly under the influence of prescription drugs. The woman had also reportedly gotten into an argument with the complainants and had hit one of them in the face. She returned to the residence while deputies were there and was ultimately taken to the hospital for a possible cardiac issue.

•death investigation (non-murder) on Meadow Vista Ln. where a man shot and killed himself.

•suspicious activity on Blind Brook Cir. where someone reported people were around a vacant residence, but there was no car in the driveway. One of the men on scene said his construction company had leased the residence.

•damage to property on Hwy. 60 where a vehicle was scratched after another vehicle rolled into it. The other driver left the scene.

•dispute on Tapp Wood Rd. where a woman reported she and her husband argued and he took her vehicle.

•reckless driving, fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer and failure to stop at a stop sign on Curk Roberts Rd. Officers were called for a report of racing motorcycles. Officers saw the motorcycles run a stop sign and attempted to stop them, but they fled. Officers pursued, but the chase was eventually called off.

•information no Fawn Ct. where a woman reported she ordered a generator, but never received it.

•lost wallet on Hwy. 124 where a man reported he lost his wallet, which contained a check, credit cards, his driver's license and a conceal carry permit.

•theft by taking on Mulberry St. where someone stole a catalytic converter and a muffler from a motor home.

•forgery on Hwy. 60 where someone forged and delivered eight company checks totaling $13,500.

•theft by taking on Wildflower Rd. where a man reported someone stole his trash can.

•forgery on Danbury Ct. where a woman reported a tenant tried to pay rent with fake $100 bills. After officers left, the complainant saw on a security camera that the suspects brought a gun into the residence. The complainant said she didn't feel safe staying there and officers stood by while they packed their things.

•suicide threats on Freedom Pkwy. where officers attempted to locate someone regarding suicide threats, but he wasn't at the residence.

•theft by taking on Skelton Rd. where construction crews at the new high school site hooked up a hose to a non-metered side of a hydrant, taking unmetered water. A representative of Carroll Daniel said it was a temporary worker, who wasn't aware that he was supposed to hook the hose to the metered side and didn't know it was hooked up illegally. He said they remedied the situation once notified.

•damage to property and motorist assist on I-85 where a woman struck a tire in the roadway, causing damage to her vehicle.

•suspicious activity on Briarwood Ct. where someone reported a man was walking in the roadway, wearing only shorts and no shoes. Officers said he was walking on the shoulder of the roadway and he denied needing help, telling them he was just walking.

•suspicious activity on Skelton Rd. where someone reported a man on the roadway, but officers didn't find anyone.

•agency assist on Moons Bridge Rd. where officers assisted Northeast Georgia Medical Center Gainesville with notifying a family of a death.

•agency assist where officers assisted the Braselton Police Department with interpreting for a Spanish speaker.

•welfare check on Duck Rd. where a woman called 911 after she and her boyfriend got into an argument. She said she just wanted someone to talk to and denied wanting to harm herself or anyone.

•dispute on Hwy. 53 where a man said he got into an argument with his wife over bank accounts and she broke a chair in his direction and blocked him from leaving in his vehicle. He said he shoved her out of the way so he could leave. The woman said they'd argued because the man was eating a lot of bread and lying about eating at Bojangles. She denied intentionally breaking the chair and said she only followed the man outside to get her things from his vehicle. She  said the man put the vehicle in reverse and told her to move. But she said she was still getting her things and the man pushed her out of the way.

•civil matter on New Cut Rd. where a woman reported her sister let a man return to a residence despite being evicted.


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