Braselton Police Department officers were recently called for a number of forgery and theft-related incidents, including:

•forgery on Spout Springs Rd. where a man tried to pay for three packs of chocolate candies with a fake $100 bill. When confronted, the suspect asked if he could have the bill back, but was refused. He left the scene when notified law enforcement was coming.

•theft by deception up to $500 on White Walnut Way where a woman paid a man $150 to rent a room, but never got a move-in date.

•miscellaneous report on Hwy. 124 where officers found a stolen vehicle. The suspects also stole a tag and placed it on the vehicle. The vehicle was towed.

•theft by taking up to $1,500 at an unknown location where a man reported a lock box was missing from his backpack. It contained methadone and $20.

•theft on Northern Oak Dr. where a man reported an Apple device was missing.

•theft by taking-felony on Sparta Dr. where a man was paid $25,000 to complete drywall work, but didn't complete the job.

•theft by taking over $1,500 on Hwy. 53 where someone stole a car dolly from a storage facility.


Other recent incidents reported to the BPD were:

•information on Tatum Ct. where a woman reported her daughter sent $2,400 to a man in Texas and gave him her credit card number. He reportedly charged $900 to it. The complainant thinks her daughter was scammed.

•damage to a vehicle on Hwy. 211 where a man reported his vehicle throttle got stuck and he decided to strike a curb instead of going into traffic and hitting a car. The vehicle was towed.

•terroristic threats or acts on Hwy. 211 where a convenience store employee reported a man got upset that he had to wait in line for gas. He got into an argument with another customer and, when the employee tried to break it up, the man told her he would shoot her and shoot up the place. He had left before officers arrived.

•miscellaneous report on Hwy. 211 where a woman reported her sister harassed her, showing up at her workplace to argue.

•animal complaint on Broadmoor Dr. where a man reported a dog charged him and bit him. The dog was also aggressive towards officers, charging one of them. Animal control was contacted and officers instructed the dog's owner to keep it secure.


In another incident, BPD officers recently arrested Gavin Dewayne Griffin, 19, 578 Riesling Dr., Braselton, for speeding and possession of marijuana.

Officers were patrolling in the Vineyards subdivision after multiple complaints about vehicles speeding and failing to obey traffic control devices.

They stopped Griffin for driving 40-miles-per-hour in a 25-mph zone. Officers smelled marijuana in the vehicle and said Griffin appeared nervous.

He was arrested after handing over the substance and THC oil.


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