A Gainesville man was recently arrested in Braselton after a dispute involving a knife.

Shaneel Feroz Lakhani, 35, 3791 Old Cornelia Hwy., Gainesville, was charged with robbery following the Feb. 8 incident.

Officers with the Braselton Police Department were called to a Spout Springs Rd. supermarket for the report. The alleged victim said he was loading groceries into his car when Lakhani approached and said "I need your truck." He reportedly brandished a knife after the victim refused.

Lakhani threw the knife into some bushes, and officers later found it.

Lakhani said that the victim said he would give him a ride, then asked if he had any knives and started to "freak out."


Other recent arrests made by the BPD were:

•David Elijah Gaines, 29, 741 Woodruff Rd., Greenville, S.C. — reckless driving and speeding; and Elijah Matthew Johnson, 29, 11 Milton Dr., Greenville, S.C. — possession of marijuana less than an ounce. The two were stopped for driving over 100 miles-per-hour on I-85. Officers also smelled marijuana and later found the substance in a bag.

•William Andrew Dove, 34, 7980 Dawsonville Hwy., Dawsonville — driving under the influence (DUI)-drugs. Someone reported Dove for possibly being impaired after reportedly seeing him driving erratically and almost causing several accidents. Dove showed several signs of being under the influence and was arrested after a field sobriety test. Officers also found a bottle containing Oxycodone in the vehicle.

•Tracey Laurie Clark, 54, 3737 Griffin Dr., Gainesville — disorderly conduct and public intoxication. Someone reported Clark for being disorderly at a restaurant. She reportedly appeared intoxicated and, when officers said she couldn't drive home, she reportedly got loud and began cursing. She was ultimately arrested after continuing to be loud and refusing officers' commands to get out of her vehicle.

•Amanda Mae Burby, 44, 94 Lenore Way, Hiram — disorderly conduct and public intoxication. Burby and a woman got into an argument over a set of keys. She was reportedly loud and was ultimately arrested after refusing to hand over the keys and cursing at the officer, saying she "did not give a f**k" and that she wasn't going to hand over the keys.


Other recent incidents reported to the BPD were:

•damage to a vehicle on I-85 where a tire blew on a tractor-trailer and the debris damaged another vehicle.

•damage to a vehicle on I-85 where something on the road damaged a vehicle's windshield.

•theft on Hwy. 53 where a man attempted to take items from a store. He was confronted and returned several items, but ultimately took vape pods.

•criminal trespass on Hwy. 124 where a man was at a business that he was told to stay away from.

•theft on Broadway Ave. where a license plate was missing.

•civil matter on Hwy. 53 where a truck drove over a rake, causing damage to the tire.

•fraud on Bendcreek Ln. where someone received a tax form for unemployment benefits, but they hadn't filed for unemployment.

•fraud on Summerall Cir. where a man reported someone logged onto his computer, gotten his credit card information and made several purchases.

•miscellaneous report on Hwy. 53 where officers were called for a hit and run. They later found a woman leaving a store with alcohol and she was unsteady on her feet. Officers weren't able to make contact with the hit-and-run victim and ultimately got the woman to call someone for a ride.


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