The following incidents were recently reported to the Jackson County Sheriff's Office in Braselton and Hoschton:

•dispute on Pine Cove Ct. where a couple had an argument after the man left with another woman. When the woman returned the man, he had a bottle of pills used to treat diabetes and the woman may have tried to hit one of his family members with a vehicle.

•welfare check on Moons Bridge Rd. where officers checked on a man, who was then transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center (NGMC) Gainesville.

•suspicious activity on Shirley Ct. where a woman reported a vehicle drove up and down the road in a neighborhood and took pictures of her residence. A similar incident was reported on West Broad St. where officers searched for a vehicle seen driving through neighborhoods and taking photographs. The complainant said the driver told him he worked for a mortgage company.

•scam on Wood Crest Ln. where a woman attempted to report an Amazon order her husband didn't make and someone claiming to be with the company's fraud protection team asked for Google credit cards in order to investigate.

•agency assist on Hwy. 124 where a med unit transported a woman to NGMC Braselton.

•dispute on Blind Brook Cir. where a mother and her adult daughter argued and a juvenile stepped in the middle. The daughter reportedly grabbed the juvenile and spanked him for not listening.

•dispute on Walnut St. where a woman said her husband threw water on her during an argument, but he said it was an accident.

•simple battery on Hwy. 60 where a man reported his boss slammed his head on a computer and desk and pushed and shoved him.

•theft by shoplifting on Hwy. 53 where two women reportedly stole multiple containers of washing detergent and an air fryer.

•simple battery-family violence; criminal trespass; and violations relating to procedures for prevention of family violence on Thompson Mill Rd. A woman reported her ex-boyfriend beat on the door, yelled and cursed. She reportedly let him in the house to retrieve belongings and he got upset, so she attempted to push him out of the residence. He allegedly pushed her back and she fell backwards. The man later chased her as she ran away and tried to call 911. When he caught her, he wrapped his arms around her and restrained her movement before fleeing the scene. He also reportedly violated his bond conditions after a previous domestic incident.

•suspicious activity on Ednaville Rd. where a woman reported seeing someone attempting to enter a residence through a window, but the suspect fled.

•noise complaint on Otter Ln. where a woman reported hearing gunshots.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 53 where someone reported two men were working on a truck and it looked suspicious.

•dispute on Cooper Bridge Rd. where a woman confronted her husband after hearing he'd "been screwing a dope wh**e." He left the scene to find another place to live, but was unsuccessful.

•agency assist on Sunrise Dr. where officers assisted with a medical emergency. EMS administered Narcan to the man and he was transported to the hospital.

•suspicious activity on Old Collins Rd. where a woman reported seeing a vehicle driving without lights and a person got out of the vehicle and walked between two houses towards the wood line. It was a neighbor's child who had been dropped off at their residence.

•agency assist on Hwy. 53 where officers assisted the Georgia State Patrol with a wreck.

•welfare check on Washington Rose Ave. where officers checked on a woman who told them she was OK.

•agency assist on Skelton Rd. where officers assisted after someone reported a man needed medical attention because he was under the influence of some kind of drug. The man was fine.

•suicide threats on Freedom Pkwy. where a man made suicidal comments on social media, but denied wanting to harm himself when asked by officers.

•suspicious activity on Remington Park Dr. where someone reported a man rang their doorbell several times and left walking.

•information on Hwy. 332 where someone reported a suspicious vehicle in a ditch. The vehicle had been wrecked and was ultimately towed.

•harassing communications, intimidation, terroristic threats and acts and aggravated stalking on Briarwood Ct. where a woman reported a man contacted her via phone, came to her house and stalked her after she broke up with him. He also reportedly called the woman's daughter.

•simple assault-family violence on Briarwood Ct. where an estranged couple got into an argument and the incident reportedly became physical. The man said the woman slapped him when she pushed him away from her. But the woman said she pushed him because he was in her face and said he also pushed her.

•suspicious activity on William Freeman Rd. where someone reported a man was driving a four-wheeler up and down the road, not wearing a helmet and attempting to follow cars.

•animal complaint on Allison Way where a woman reported an ongoing issue with a dog attacking her dog.

•welfare check on Lamar Ln. where a man with Alzheimers ran out of a residence and refused to return. He was ultimately brought back into the residence and reportedly appeared confused. A woman was given phone numbers for Adult Protective Services to seek assistance.


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