The following incidents were recently reported to the Jackson County Sheriff's Office in Braselton and Hoschton:

•dispute on Cecil Clark Rd. where officers responded to a disputing family in the roadway. They made contact with a man, who repeatedly tried to walk away and became aggressive when confronted. Family members said the man had destroyed the residence and had been drinking. They also suspected he may have been using drugs.

•civil matter on Blind Brook Cir. where officers escorted a man with a temporary protection order against him to a residence to retrieve belongings.

•theft by taking on Joshua Way where two political signs for Hoschton mayoral candidate Shannon Sell were reported stolen.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 53 where a vehicle pulled out in front of someone, then slowed down and stopped sporadically because the following vehicle had its bright lights turned on.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 332 where a man reported seeing lights coming from a cow pasture, but said he also hallucinates. Officers didn't find anything suspicious.

•entering auto on Nugget Trail where someone entered an unlocked vehicle, but didn't take anything.

•dispute on Ward Rd. where a woman reported her boyfriend refused to let her have a car seat so she could take her child.

•information on Duck Rd. where a woman reported her ex-boyfriend was threatening her and she was scared for her life. He had sent her a picture of him holding a gun to his head, saying "if he did it" it would be her fault and blaming her for past incidents. She said he's also walked by her residence despite being told not to be on the property and she said she wants a temporary protection order. Officers also requested another jurisdiction to do a welfare check on the man because of the photograph.

•suspicious activity on Glenwood Trail where a man reported juveniles rang his doorbell and ran away.

•entering auto on Gold Crest Dr. where unlocked vehicles were entered, but nothing was taken.

•identity fraud on Gold Crest Dr. where someone purchased a cell phone using a woman's information.

•entering auto on Gold Crest Dr. where a man reported unlocked vehicles were entered, but nothing was taken.

•abuse/neglect/exploit a disabled or elderly person on Southhampton Cir. where Adult Protective Services sent a referral after an elderly woman opened a credit card. The only charges were $1,841 for a weight loss program.

•agency assist on Prestwick Dr. where officers assisted an Ohio police department with a case regarding a hacked PayPal account. A package had been delivered to the Prestwick Dr. address related to the incident. The resident said the package wasn't addressed to anyone at the residence and she believed she had received it in error and was going to return it to the post office. It was ultimately taken to investigators.

•suspicious activity on New Cut Rd. where someone reported hearing a loud explosive or shots fired.

•suspicious activity on Skelton Rd. where a man reported a pickup was on an abandoned lot across from his home. He had also reportedly seen vehicles coming and going from the property for several weeks.

•information on Amaranth Trail where a man found a white powder substance that had been left in his vehicle. It was climber's chalk.

•damage to property on I-85 where two vehicles were damaged after a couch fell off a truck and onto the roadway.

•harassing communications on Kings Ln. where a man reported a woman messaged him on Facebook, despite her having a no contact order on him.

•theft by deception on Stone View Dr. where a woman paid a man a 60-percent down payment to construct a deck, but he never completed the work.

•motorist assist on West Jefferson St. where a tractor-trailer got stuck in the mud while trying to turn around. Then a Jackson County school bus was forced to turn around since the tractor-trailer was blocking the road, forcing the bus to get stuck as well. A separate bus retrieved the students that were on that bus.

•suspicious activity on Lamar Ln. where someone reported a vehicle parked at a location for over an hour.

•agency assist on Davenport Rd. where officers assisted the fire department with a fire in a goat barn. None of the goats were injured.

•criminal trespass on Hwy. 332 where officers warned a man of criminal trespass at a residence after bringing items to a woman who did not want him there.

•information on Meadow View Dr. where a woman reported a man was parked near her residence and they had an ongoing investigation involving him. The man was apparently doing roof inspections and his family members reported the complainant was harassing him by calling the police.

•suspicious activity on Davenport Rd. where a woman reported an SUV followed her and her husband.

•criminal trespass on Ednaville Rd. where a man reported a storage building was damaged and someone entered a camper on his property, but nothing was taken.

•entering auto on South Hampton Cir. where someone took a handgun from a vehicle.

•information on Traditions Way where a woman was afraid to walk to her vehicle after seeing a truck in the clubhouse parking lot. She suspected someone from a family that her family has an ongoing issue with was in the truck.

•civil matter on Johnson Dr. where a business owner wanted a vendor removed due to lack of rent payment. Officers advised her to wait until the magistrate judge made a ruling.

•damage to property on Hwy. 60 where a man's vehicle hydroplaned.

•welfare check on Macy Ln. where officers checked on a woman who was OK.


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