An intoxicated man struck another man in the head with a beer bottle during an argument in Braselton.

Officers with the Braselton Police Department were recently called to a Grand Hickory Dr. location for the report of battery.

According to the report, when a woman arrived at the residence, an intoxicated man adn woman were walking in the street. The intoxicated man made a comment about her parking, then cursed at several people at the residence.

He smashed a beer bottle in the neighbor's driveway and charged one of the witnesses. The two fought and rolled around on the ground.

When another man tried to separate them, the intoxicated man pulled a second beer bottle out and smashed it against one of the victim's face and head.

The suspect then ran towards Silk Tree Point.

The victim who was struck had minor scratches and refused medical attention.


Other recent incidents reported to the BPD were:

•information on Friendship Rd. where officers were called for a civil matter after a woman fell at a doctor's office and may have broken her leg, but she refused EMS.

•information on Hwy. 53 where a man reported he bought a $700 iPhone online, but hadn't received it.

•miscellaneous report on Wallace Falls Dr. where officers assisted with a house fire. The roof and side of the house had some damage.

•possession of marijuana less than an ounce; possession of drug-related objects; and speeding in a work zone on I-85. Officers stopped a vehicle for traveling 83-miles-per-hour in a 60-mph work zone. They saw a marijuana blunt in plain view and could smell the substance. Officers cited the woman after she handed over more of the substance and a grinder.

•identity fraud on Golf Club Dr. where a woman reported someone used her information and tried to open a credit card.

•hit and run on Hwy. 53 where a vehicle struck another in a parking lot and left the scene.

•possession of marijuana less than an ounce; speeding in a work zone; and reckless driving on I-85. Officers stopped a vehicle for traveling 93-mph in a 60-mph work zone. They saw marijuana residue inside and smelled the substance. A passenger turned over some marijuana and was cited. The driver was cited for speeding and reckless driving.

•burglary and theft by taking over $1,500 on Sipes Rd. where two work vehicles were stolen. The suspects had cut the fence to enter the property.

•information on Hwy. 53 where a woman reported a custody dispute.

•possession of marijuana less than an ounce on Hwy. 53 where officers were called for an alarm and they noticed a vehicle parked behind a restaurant. The driver tried to leave when officers pulled into the parking lot and officers approached. They smelled marijuana in the vehicle and the driver was cited after officers found the substance.

•criminal damage on Grand Hickory Dr. where a vehicle struck and damaged a mailbox and left the scene.


Recent arrests made by the BPD were:

•Paul D. Wilson-Frost, 27, 444 Meadow Vista Ln., Hoschton — seat belt violation; open container; brake light/turn signal violation; and driving under the influence (DUI)-alcohol. Wilson was stopped for the seat belt violation and officers noticed his eyes were bloodshot and there was an open container of alcohol. They smelled alcohol on him and noted he couldn't maintain his balance. He said he'd had about five drinks and was arrested after a field-sobriety test. They also found two Jack Daniel's whiskey bottles in his pockets.

•Brittany Renee Wright, 29, 127 Kendall Creek Dr., Jefferson — purchased, possession, manufacture, or sale of a controlled substance or marijuana; possession of methamphetamine; possession of marijuana less than an ounce; possession of a Schedule IV Controlled Substance; and drugs in original container violation. Officers approached Wright, who was sitting in a vehicle in a parking lot. She reportedly appeared nervous and would not consent to a vehicle search. Officers walked around the vehicle, looking through closed windows, and saw a baggie containing suspected heroin. Officers searched the vehicle and found suspected meth, marijuana, Alprazolam and cotton used to draw melted down heroin from a spoon into a syringe, according to the report. She later told officers that her ex-boyfriend placed the drugs in her car and said she had a prescription for the Alprazolam.

•Markeyzia Te Ingram, 24, 1717 Jupiter St., Lakeland, Fla. — driving with a suspended license; speeding; and two child restraint violations. Ingram was stopped for driving 79-mph in a 60-mph work zone. They noticed two small children were not properly buckled. A 2-year-old wasn't in a car seat and a 1-year-old wasn't properly buckled in a car seat. Officers also smelled marijuana in the vehicle, which a passenger claimed. The passenger was cited for the marijuana.

•Maynor Mejza, 25, and Antonio Erazo Ramos, 21, both of 336 Echodale Dr., Charlotte, N.C. — possession of marijuana. Mejza faces an additional charge of driving without a valid license and Ramos faces an additional charge of seat belt violation. The two were stopped for the seat belt violation. Officers smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle and both were arrested after officers found the substance. Jail personnel also found marijuana on Ramos.


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