According to a recent incident report, a Jackson County High School assistant principal told the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office he had video evidence of a juvenile on Snap Chat holding up one of the school’s sink handles at his home.

The alleged incident comes as the U.S. is seeing a viral trend of students damaging bathrooms and posting the crimes on social media site, Tik Tok. According to a recent media reports nation-wide, administrators and law enforcement officials say the hashtags #deviouslick" or #deviouslicks” accompany these Tik Tok posts.

Multiple media outlets nationally are reporting stolen soap dispensers, damaged sinks and clogged toilets as part of the trend.

Other recent incidents reported to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office include:

•suspicious activity on Kinney Creek Ln. where drag racing was reported in the area.

•mental subject on Hwy. 124 where a woman reportedly thought her 10-year-old daughter was missing and damaged a front window and rear door of a residence while searching for the child. The woman was later reported standing along the roadside holding a piece of rock. The woman’s mother said the woman needed her medication and was arranging for her to take it.

•information on Maddox Rd. where a man reportedly broke his cell phone after becoming angry at his grandmother.

•disorderly conduct on William Freeman Rd. where a woman said a man dropping off two children in accordance with a court order spun his tires and flung gravel at her and her infant daughter. The man denied spinning his tires at the woman and child.

•juvenile issue on Kiley Dr. where a teen reportedly ran away from his home on his bicycle. The teen returned to the residence while a deputy was on scene gathering information, according to the incident report. Deputies had responded to the residence earlier in the day to reports of the juvenile attempting to runaway.

•noise complaint on Skelton Rd. where neighbors were reportedly shooting guns after being asked multiple times to stop.

•welfare check on Jefferson Ave. after a woman and her sister had reportedly engaged in a verbal dispute at a bank.

•suspicious activity on Davenport Rd. where a man said he heard a group of people were searching for him and planning to attack him.

•animal complaint on Charlie Smith Rd. where a stray dog reportedly attacked a homeowner’s dog. The homeowner’s dog had blood on its fur around its throat, according to the incident report. The homeowner was reportedly taking the dog to a vet.

•welfare check on Curk Roberts Rd. where a woman said her homeless brother had been discharged from the hospital and was making suicidal statements. She said he was possibly going to his brother’s house and expressed concerns for the other brother.

•recovered property on Bristol Ct. where a skid steer stolen from a hardware store was reportedly found. The man in possession of the skid steer said he’d purchased it from Facebook Marketplace. According to the man, the VIN had been checked by law enforcement multiple times and was never reported stolen.

•suspicious activity on West Jefferson St. where a juvenile, who only appeared to be 10 years old, was reportedly driving on the road. The juvenile’s grandfather was warned he’d be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor if the incident happened again, according to the incident report. The man had reportedly been arrested on that charge in August during a similar incident.

•theft on White Trillium Drive where a man reportedly made a $1,110 online purchase for a dog through Cash App and was asked to pay a $1,900 flight insurance fee for transport. At that point, the man said he felt he was being scammed and requested his money back from the seller, who refused to reimburse him, according to the incident report.

•hit-and-run and failure to stop at a stop sign on Hwy. 332 where two vehicles collided after a driver reportedly didn’t stop at a stop sign at the intersection at Skelton Rd. and then drove away from the scene. The driver was eventually located and cited but not arrested.

•simple battery and criminal trespass on West Jefferson St. where a woman said her ex-boyfriend pushed open a door and shoved her against a wall. The woman said the man had previously been barred from the residence. She said she told him multiple times to leave the residence before the dispute reportedly turned physical.

•suicide threats on Hickory Bluff where a woman reportedly attempted to cut her wrists. The woman’s husband said he didn’t think she was trying to harm herself but to be antagonistic towards him, according to the incident report. The woman was reportedly transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Braselton.

•theft by deception on Lewis Braselton Blvd. where a man said his transmission was damaged by a repair shop after taking it there for repairs to the clutch and timing belt.


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