A man was recently arrested following a standoff in West Jackson.

According to a Jackson County Sheriff's Office news release, deputies were called or a report of shots fired on April 11 around 3:30 p.m. on Cecil Clark Rd. in Braselton. The caller said a father was shooting at his son and another person.

Raymond Russell Sr., 57, was arrested following a standoff and brought to the Jackson County Jail. He is charged with two counts of aggravated assault and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers.

Officers with the Braselton Police Department arrived first and saw a man standing on the front porch with an AR-style rifle. Deputies arrived and also observed the white male with the rifle, walking back and forth on the porch.

He was given multiple commands to drop the weapon and put his hands up but refused to comply. He also reportedly made comments about being a good shot, saying he "wouldn't miss."

"Deputies observed him then get behind a column on the porch, still with the rifle," according to the JCSO. "They observed him fall on the porch, rolling around and then he retreated back inside the residence. The suspect advised the deputies at one point he was loading his sniper rifle, that we better be good shots and shoot him first, stating he wanted to die."

After several hours of communicating back and forth with the suspect, he eventually came out of the residence, unarmed with his hands up and was detained.

There was a domestic violence incident earlier in the week between the son, Raymond Russell Jr. and his father, at which time the son was arrested for terroristic threats against the father.


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