A Tennessee man was recently arrested in Braselton after urinating on someone's vehicle in a business parking lot.

Officers with the Braselton Police Department charged Michael G. Curry, 40, 134 Cobb Ln., Pulaski, Tenn., with indecent exposure.

According to a witness, Curry exposed himself and urinated on a white vehicle in the parking lot of a Hwy. 53 business. The vehicle did not belong to him.


Other recent arrests made by the BPD were:

•Dana Michelle Soto, 31, 647 Hancock Ave., Braselton — obstructing or hindering a law enforcement officer; simple battery; battery; third degree cruelty to children; and second degree cruelty to children. Soto allegedly struck a man multiple times, including one time with a phone. In the process, she allegedly struck a child. Two other children were also witnesses to the event. When officers found Soto, she did not comply with commands to step outside of the bedroom so she could speak with officers. After being handcuffed, she continued screaming and would not walk.

•Joseph Randolph Outlaw, 47, 6008 McLeansville Rd., McLeansville, N.C. — driving with a suspended/revoked license. Outlaw said he was having a problem with men running around his vehicle who he could only see in the mirror. He said his vehicle needed to be blessed, but the police officers said they didn't have anyone they could call for that. He was arrested after officers learned he had a suspended license.

•Troy Ellis Moralis, 21, 66 Hanna Dr., Talking Rock — speeding; reckless driving; possession of drug-related objects; and possession of marijuana less than an ounce. Moralis was stopped for traveling 113-miles-per-hour in a 70-mph zone. He was arrested for speeding and reckless driving, then officers found marijuana, a grinder and a pipe in the vehicle.


Other recent incidents reported to the BPD were:

•damage to vehicle on I-85 where a patrol car rolled into another vehicle.

•damage to vehicle on I-85 where a vehicle struck a pole and was damaged.

•miscellaneous report on New Liberty Way where a woman reported her bedroom door was locked and she heard something inside that sounded like it came from something larger than her cat. Officers didn't find anything inside.

•entering auto on Rue Charlemagne Dr. where a vehicle was entered and bags, jewelry and other miscellaneous items were taken.

•damage to property on Marcelina Ct. where a postal truck struck a basketball goal, causing damage.

•criminal trespass on Silk Tree Pt. where a woman said a man broke a window on her vehicle using a pumpkin.

•damage to property on Broadmoor Dr. where copper wires were cut on an air-conditioning unit.

•damage to vehicle on I-85 where a drive shaft broke and fell out of a vehicle, causing damage to multiple vehicles.

•damage to property on Ferncliff Trace where a trash truck struck a basketball goal and damaged it.

•domestic disturbance/dispute on Madrid Falls Rd. where a woman said she and her husband got into an argument about Nancy Pelosi and that he pushed her.

•damage to vehicle on Spout Springs Rd. where a man noticed scratches on his vehicle.

•miscellaneous report on Shumard Oak Dr. where a man reported his neighbor's son shot a paintball gun towards his residence.

•possession of marijuana less than an ounce on Hwy. 124 where officers stopped a vehicle after smelling marijuana coming from it. The driver was cited after she turned over the substance.

•miscellaneous report on Hwy. 211 where a man found a bag containing ammunition on top of his mailbox.

•failure to maintain lane; duty upon striking an unattended vehicle violation; and hit and run on Brassie Ln.  A witness saw a woman driving a vehicle drifting from side to side, then striking another vehicle. A man confronted her about striking the vehicle and the driver said she knew the vehicle's owner and left the scene. That man said the woman also appeared to be under the influence and that he smelled alcohol. Officers planned to seek warrants on the woman.

•entering auto on Hwy. 53 where a window was broken on a vehicle and multiple items were taken, including a bag, a pair of cleats and clothing.

•disturbance on Sienna Valley Dr. where two people argued over a residence.


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