A Mississippi man was recently arrested after an alleged shooting in Braselton.

The Braselton Police Department recently arrested James Wilton Dickerson, 55, 1035 Ed Brumfield Rd., Osyka, Miss., for aggravated assault.

Officers were called Feb. 6 around 2 p.m. to I-85 northbound for a report of shots fired near mile marker 129.

The complainant said another 18-wheeler driver shot at him.

Multiple agencies were staged in the area, looking for the suspect.

He was ultimately stopped at exit 147 (Commerce) and detained. Officers also recovered the firearm.

He was booked into the Jackson County Jail following the incident.


In another incident, BPD officers arrested: Charles Wheeler Boggs, 40, Robert A. Beaucaire, 21, both of 136 Henry St., Braselton, Trevor Wayne Johnson, 28, 484 Groaning Road Rd., Commerce, and Shayna Taylor Millwood, 20, 741 Grant Mill Rd., Alto — possession of heroin; possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance; possession/use of drug-related objects; possession of dangerous drugs; and original container violation.

The arrests followed a search warrant execution at the Henry St. residence. After no one answered at the residence, officers breached the door and detained all of the suspects.

During a search of the room where officers found Beacaire, Millwood and Johnson, officers found heroin, meth residue, a pill bottle containing amphetamine salts, smoking devices, tin foil, a digital scale and a marijuana grinder.

In Boggs' room, officers found a digital scale and a smoking device.

In a common space, they found a vape box containing Trazadone Hydrochloride pills, which weren't in the container in which they were prescribed. They also found a smoking device. Officers said it appeared that room was used to ingest drugs.

In the kitchen, officers found a smoking pipe and tin foil with residue. A powder substance was located in the trash near those objects.

All four suspects were taken to the Jackson County Jail.


Arrests recently made by the BPD were:

•Brandi Michelle McGaughey, 38, 31 A. Parker Rd., Auburn — theft by taking. McGaughey was arrested after taking $500 from the cash register of a convenience store where she was employed.

•Belinda Ann Cates, 22, 8337 Hwy. 53 Lot 2, Braselton — driving with a suspended/revoked license; driving too fast for conditions; failure to maintain lane; driving under the influence (DUI)-alcohol; DUI-endangering a child; and open container violation. Cates' vehicle crashed into a Dollar General sign and took out two light poles located on the sidewalk. An 8-year-old child had been inside the vehicle, but was inside the store when officers arrived. He said his tooth hurt, but said it wasn't that much pain and agreed to sit in the back of the patrol vehicle where it was warm. Officers gave him a junior police badge and EMS checked on him. When officers spoke with Cates, they smelled alcohol coming from her breath. They found a small, empty bottle of Fireball in the vehicle when looking for her phone to call someone to get the child. She first told officers she'd had a half glass of wine, then said it was three glasses, then changed that to two. She was arrested following field sobriety and blood tests.

•Jessica Brooke Edwards, 25, 4025 McGinnis Ferry Rd., Suwanee — possession of methamphetamine; possession of drug-related objects; and three bench warrants. Officers were first called for a report of theft and ultimately arrested Edwards for her warrants. She had meth and straws that contained a loose, white crystal-like substance.

•Lisette Nicole Andrews, 41, 8108 Walden Crossing Dr., Canton — battery and two counts of third degree cruelty to children. Andrews and a man got into an argument over a vehicle and both accused the other of a physical dispute. Andrews said the man grabbed her arm, but the man said she struck him in the face several times. Officers said the man had a scratch on his chin and a small amount of blood. One of the juveniles made a comment that the two were fighting and made hand gestures as if she was slapping at someone. Officers determined Andrews was the primary aggressor.

•Deanna Nicole Terry, 22, 6451 Hwy. 53, Braselton — simple battery and disorderly conduct; and Justin James Terry, 23, same address — obstruction. Officers were called for a fight and smelled alcohol on D. Terry. The alleged victim said she confronted D. Terry after someone at her residence yelled at her son to "get out of the home" when he went to pick up his sibling from the residence. D. Terry reportedly struck her in the face, causing redness and "throbbing pain." When officers spoke with D. Terry, her husband, J. Terry reportedly appeared like he wanted to fight. He was reportedly pacing and had his fists closed before officers told him to cool off. D. Terry reportedly began using curse words loud enough for two nearby juveniles to hear and she was handcuffed. At that time, J. Terry returned to the scene and reportedly lunged at an officer. The two ultimately fell to the ground before J. Terry was arrested.


BPD officers also responded to numerous reports of entering auto around Feb. 14. Those locations included:

•Reisling Dr. where someone entered two unlocked vehicles, taking a bag that contained a towel.

•Jackson Ave. where someone entered a vehicle and took a pistol.

•Adams Ave. where two unlocked vehicles were broken into and a purse and backpack were stolen. The bags contained electronics, debit cards and other personal information.

•Hancock Pl. where someone took a purse from an unlocked vehicle.

•Hancock Ave. where someone took $300 from a vehicle. The man's surveillance video showed two SUVs driving in the area (one white, the other silver or gray).

•Hancock Ave. where a purse was stolen from an unlocked vehicle. It contained debit and Social Security cards, along with a license.


Other recent incidents reported to the BPD were:

•identity theft fraud on Walnut Woods Dr. where a woman reported someone took out a loan using her information.

•criminal damage on Sahale Falls Dr. where a vehicle apparently struck a mailbox.

•miscellaneous report on Exchange Way where a man got upset that his meal was cold at a restaurant. He reportedly became upset when a manager said they would pay for the meal and began yelling and screaming. When a witness told the man to calm down, he reportedly got more upset and stood up. Another employee got in between the two and the man who had been upset said he was punched in the chest. Officers didn't see any marks on the man and witnesses denied seeing anyone hit. The man was banned from the property.

•theft by taking mail up to $1,500 on Rushmore Cir. where a woman reported an ex wouldn't give her a mattress topper that she'd had shipped to his residence.

•burglary on Golf Club Dr. where someone entered a man's home, rummaged through items and took a custom video game controller.

•death investigation on Ammons Falls Ct. where a woman with an extensive medical history was found dead.

•failure to maintain lane; possession of drug-related objects; and possession of marijuana less than an ounce on Josh Pirkle Rd. Officers stopped a vehicle for failing to maintain lane. They smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle and the driver was cited after officers found the substance, a grinder and a pipe.

•speeding and driving with a suspended/revoked driver's license on I-85 South where officers stopped a vehicle for speeding and learned the driver had a suspended license. Officers ultimately had the vehicle towed, then transported the man and his dog to a travel center to wait on a family member.

•theft by shoplifting on Spout Springs Rd. where a man reported a woman stole two Mike's Hard Lemonade beverages from a convenience store.

•death investigation on Keys Ln. where a man was found dead, apparently of natural causes.

•miscellaneous report on Zion Church Rd. where the director of a private school reported threats from students. Officers turned the incident over to Jackson County. The complainant also said a student punched/slapped another student in the back of the head at school. The incident was captured on video and the student was reportedly kicked out of school.

•deposit account fraud on Madrid Falls Rd. where a check for $450 was stolen from the mail and the suspect attempted to deposit it.

•failure to maintain lane on Hwy. 211 where officers stopped a vehicle that had been reported for driving all over the road with a passenger hanging out the window "flipping off" motorists. They also observed the vehicle make an improper lane change. Officers smelled marijuana in the vehicle, but only found a small loose marijuana leaf inside the car. They also found counterfeit money ($400). The driver was cited.

•theft by taking up to $500 on New Liberty Way where a man reported his handgun was missing from a bag of his belongings. He suspected his wife or her new boyfriend may have taken it.

•possession of marijuana less than an ounce on I-85 where officers stopped a vehicle for speeding and failing to maintain lane. They smelled marijuana in the vehicle and ultimately found the substance, along with two grinders. The driver was cited.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 211 where officers saw a vehicle that matched the description of a vehicle connected with a string of entering autos in the area that previously fled from BPD officers. They found the vehicle owner and a man, who matched the description of one of the suspects. He refused to show his identification and the female vehicle owner said she was calling her lawyer.

•damage to a vehicle on Hwy. 211 where an officer side-swiped a pole at a gas pump, causing damage to the patrol car. The Barrow County Sheriff's Office was called to work the accident.

•suspicious activity on Friendship Rd. where a woman reported a man knocked on the door, saying he had chicken for them. When he was told he'd have to unload through the front of the store, he left in a passenger vehicle.

•entering auto and financial transaction card fraud on Old Winder Hwy. where someone entered a woman's vehicle and stole her purse, which contained credit and store cards, along with cash. She was later notified that someone charged $500 at a store.

•theft of services up to $500 on Old Winder Hwy. where someone left a restaurant without paying an $89 tab.

•financial transaction card fraud on Riverwood Dr. where someone made fraudulent purchases on a man's account.

•theft by taking mail up to $1,500 and deposit account fraud-impersonation up to $500 on Loowit Falls Way. A man reported someone fraudulently deposited a check for $250 that he'd mailed.

•reckless conduct on Spout Springs Rd. where a man reported hearing someone yell a racial slur, then someone threw something onto his vehicle. It appeared to have been an egg.

•theft by taking from a building up to $500 on Wayside Terrace where a man reported a washer and dryer were taken from a vacant residence.

•theft of lost or mislaid property up to $1,500 on Jesse Cronic Rd. where a man reported his vehicle tag was missing.

•felony theft by taking on Hwy. 53 where a U-Haul trailer was stolen.

•theft by taking up to $500 on Old Winder Hwy. where a woman took $226 from the cash register of a restaurant where she was employed. She agreed to return the money and was banned from the property.

•solicitation of sodomy on Hwy. 53 where a woman reported a man approached her while she was sitting in her vehicle, wanting her to perform an oral sexual act on him. She refused multiple times before the man left.

•theft by taking mail up to $1,500 on Wallace Falls Dr. where a check for $550 was taken from a mailbox and cleared at an unknown location.

•identity theft fraud on Bordeaux Way where a man received a bill for an account he didn't apply for.

•information on New Liberty Way where a woman reported her ex-husband continued to send child support payments directly via mail, despite a temporary protection order.

•domestic disturbance/dispute on Broodmoor Dr. where officers were first called for reports of a woman with a knife, but a family member had gotten the knife from her when officers arrived. She said her family members began to yell and curse at her when she arrived home, then cornered her and wouldn't let her out of the house. She said she grabbed the knife in order to leave, but held it by her side. Witnesses confirmed her story. She planned to leave the residence and stay at a friend's house.


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