A man recently fled from local deputies in a stolen vehicle, leading them on a chase into Hall County.

Jackson County Sheriff's Office deputies attempted to stop the vehicle Dec. 4 after observing the driver speeding and failing to maintain lane on Hwy. 124. They also learned the vehicle had been stolen out of Arcade.

At one point, the driver pulled into a Sam Freeman Rd. location and the vehicle stalled, which allowed the deputies to identify the suspect. But he got the vehicle started again and fled.

He reportedly drove recklessly — speeding, failing to maintain lane and passing in a no-passing zone — during a chase that ultimately ended in Gainesville. The Georgia State Patrol attempted a pursuit intervention technique (PIT) maneuver at one point, but that move was unsuccessful.

The driver ultimately pulled behind a store on Pearl Nix Pkwy. and he fled on foot.

A K9 unit responded and found a shirt and shoes possibly discarded by the suspect. Several citizens also reported seeing a man with no shirt or shoes fleeing the area. Officers weren't able to locate the suspect.

In addition to the JCSO and GSP, the Gainesville Police Department and Hall County Sheriff's Office also responded.


Other recent incidents reported to the JCSO in Braselton and Hoschton were:

•suspicious activity at Sells Mill Park where officers approached a parked vehicle. A male and female inside the vehicle said they were kissing.

•criminal trespass on Marshall Clark Rd. where a man reported his neighbor comes onto his property on his dirt-bike and refuses to leave.

•harassing communications on Duck Rd. where a woman reported her ex-boyfriend texted her repeatedly and threatened her, saying she had better not call the police. She also reported the man had hidden behind a tree at her house.

•dispute on McNeal Rd. where a woman and her ex-husband got into an argument while the man was visiting their child.

•theft by taking on Pearl Industrial Ave. where two vehicle dealer tags were stolen.

•mental person on Hwy. 332 where a woman called officers, asking to meet discreetly, after her husband wouldn't let her drive with their child. He said he feared it wasn't safe given her mental state. The woman planned to meet with a psychiatrist. Officers were later called back for a domestic dispute after the woman reportedly tried to take the child with her. She allegedly slapped her husband across the face. Officers suspected her medications may have been interacting and she was taken to the hospital.

•damage to property on Deer Ridge where the Braselton trolley got stuck in a yard, causing minor damage to the lawn.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 124 where officers approached a vehicle that was parked at a construction site. The driver said he was on the phone. Officers later observed a deer carcass, which the man said he picked up off the road. The Department of Natural Resources was called and questioned the man.

•animal complaint on Jackson Trail Rd. where officers stood by to insure a dog didn't bite a tow truck driver.

•suspicious activity on I-85 where a woman called 911, screaming to send someone, before the line disconnected. Officers didn't find anyone at the location.

•information on I-85 where plastic crates were reported in the roadway.

•information on New Cut Rd. where a woman found a license.

•civil matter on Granite Dr. where a couple reported their neighbor blew leaves and trash onto their property.

•suspicious activity on Briarwood Ct. where a man reported juveniles drove four-wheelers, go-carts, dirt-bikes and other vehicles unsafely on the road.

•information on Jefferson Ave. where officers approached a parked vehicle at a construction site. The driver said he worked for a security company and was hired to be on site.

•civil matter on McNeal Rd. where an estranged couple argued about the care of their child.

•welfare check on Henry St. where someone reported a man who looked like he was going to collapse. Officers didn't find anyone walking at the scene.

•dispute on Hwy. 53 where a man was reported at a mobile home park, despite the site supervisor not wanting him there. He said he was visiting with a resident.

•suspicious activity on Legacy Dr. where someone reported their neighbor's house lights were on, despite them being out of town.

•civil matter on J. D. Brooks Rd. where someone reported a man was at a location that he wasn't supposed to be at. He was removing some of his belongings.

•agency assist on Hwy. 53 where officers assisted with a man who was being obstructive during a medical call.

•agency assist on Hwy. 53 where officers assisted with a wreck. Two vehicles were towed and one passenger was taken to the hospital to be evaluated.

•civil matter on Cooper Bridge Rd. where a man wanted to report a vehicle stolen. He said a woman wouldn't return his deceased father's vehicle. His father had reportedly sold the vehicle to the woman before he died.

•parking complaint on Brighton Park Cir. where a woman reported cars were parked on the roadway and one blocked her driveway.

•welfare check on Duck Rd. where a man reported an unsanitary house with dirty dishes everywhere, fecal matter on and around the toilets and mold on the floor.

•suspicious activity on Bill Watkins Rd. where a man reported another man was walking in the area.

•welfare check on Duck Rd. where officers checked on a man with special needs.

•temporary protection order service on Berry Hill Rd. where officers served a TPO continuance.

•damage to property on Hwy. 53 where a commercial vehicle with a crane struck a phone line, pulling it off the pole.

•TPO service on Reece Dr. where officers served a TPO.

•simple battery and assault on Macy Ln. where a woman wanted officers to escort her home to retrieve some belongings. She reportedly feared her husband and said he had choked her and twisted her arm and threatened to break her bones.

•TPO service on Berry Hill Rd.

•motorist assist on I-85 where a woman struck a large object in the road, causing damage to her vehicle.

•agency assist on Hunter Dr. where officers responded to a residential fire, which had been put out by the fire department.


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