A man said he struck a small black bear with his truck recently at Hoschton Park on Hwy. 53.

Multiple bystanders gathered to take photos and video the bear, which had crawled into the park near a walking trail. The Department of Natural Resources requested that the animal be put down. A woman at the scene attempted to arrange for treatment for the bear but was unable to do so. A corporal with the sheriff’s department then used a shotgun to put the bear down.

The man’s vehicle sustained minimal damage, according to the incident report.

Other incidents reported to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office included:

•noise complaint on Hwy. 124 where a woman reported hearing possible gun shots behind her residence.

•damage to vehicle on Hwy. 53 where a man said his vehicle was struck by a large white truck with a trailer while stopped at a traffic light. The man said the other driver did not stop, continuing north on Hwy. 53.

•damage to vehicle on I-85 where a man said he struck a concrete barrier after his front driver-side tire blew out. The impact caused the other tire to go flat. The windows were also busted and the airbags were deployed.

•agency assist on Hwy. 53 where a work truck overturned in a ditch, leaving the driver injured. The responding deputy administered aid to the driver, who was transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville.

•agency assist on Hwy. 53 to a hit-and-run where a woman said a driver backed into her vehicle while parked at a gas pump and drove away. The impact caused damage to the front bumper of the woman’s vehicle.

•welfare check on Cecil Clark Rd. where a man reportedly had a handgun and told his wife she would never see him again. The man had left the residence when a deputy arrived.

•dispute on Ridge Way where a woman said she was punched in the eye by a man while arguing with him and the woman’s daughter. The woman’s daughter said the man did not strike her, and the man also denied striking her. Both said the woman fell and hit her head.

•forgery on Hwy. 124 where a business reported a counterfeit $20 bill.

•suspicious activity on New Liberty Church Rd. where a woman said was notified that her social security number was being used to claim unemployment benefits in 13 other states.

•suspicious activity on Johnson Dr. where a man said he received a letter referencing an unemployment claim filed through a restaurant for which he never worked.

•information on Montvale Dr. where a man accidentally shot himself in the hand while teaching how to properly handle a 9mm handgun. The man was transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center.

•suspicious activity on Montvale Dr. where a loud vehicle was reported.

•suspicious activity on Skelton Rd. where someone was reportedly doing doughnuts in their yard and making noise.

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