A man was critically injured in a crash involving a vehicle reported stolen out of Braselton.

Officers with the Braselton Police Department were called to Hwy. 53 on March 25 for the report of motor vehicle theft.

A woman said she left the vehicle in a business parking lot because it wasn't running properly. She left the keys in the vehicle so a friend could look at the car.

The woman later got a call from a Hall County deputy, saying the vehicle had been wrecked.

BPD officers later spoke with Hall County authorities, who said the driver was in critical condition after the wreck.

Officers said it's not clear if the hospitalized man was the driver or a passenger in the stolen vehicle.


Other recent incidents reported to the BPD were:

•welfare check on Shore Isle Trace where a woman went to the hospital after making suicidal statements.

•fraud on Hwy. 53 where a woman tried to pay for a purchase with a fake $100 bill.

•fraud on Bakers Farm Cir. where a man learned someone had opened a Verizon account in his name.

•disturbance on Jackson Ave. where a man reportedly got upset at a store and threw chips and candy bars at employees while making threats.

•domestic disturbance on Golf Club Dr. where a couple had a dispute.

•theft on Sparta Way where a utility trailer with a car lift was stolen.

•theft on Jesse Cronic Rd. where a woman reported her former roommate may have stolen mail and a package.

•damage to property on Noble Vines Dr. where a truck damaged a gate.

•domestic disturbance on Broadway Ave. where a man and woman got into an argument and the man said the woman stabbed the dash of his vehicle, causing damage to the GPS. The woman said that hadn't occurred during the reported incident.


Recent arrests made by the BPD were:

•Rudrigo Aaron Evelyn, 23, 837 Deshon Creek Dr., Lithonia — speeding in a work zone; possession with marijuana with intent to distribute; and giving false information. Evelyn was stopped for speeding on the interstate. He gave officers false identity information and the responding officers also smelled marijuana in the vehicle. They later found the substance and bags commonly used to sell drugs. When officers learned his true identity, they also discovered he had a warrant.

•Kevin Lee Neal, 23, 128 S. Howard Ave., Landrum, S.C. — speeding in a work zone; driving with a suspended/revoked license; and use of a license plate for purpose of concealing. Neal was stopped for speeding on the interstate. Officers learned his license was suspended and the tag on the vehicle didn't belong on that vehicle.

•Tamia Briarr Garland-Hardy, 22, 930 Marshall Rd., Sharon Hill, Pa. — speeding; driving with a suspended/revoked license; failure to yield to an emergency vehicle; impeding traffic flow; and obstructing or hindering a law enforcement officer. Garland-Hardy was stopped for speeding on I-85. She stopped on the roadside, partially blocking one lane of travel. Officers learned her license was suspended and said Garland-Hardy became confrontational, locked the doors and tried to roll up the window. Officers removed her from the vehicle and said she failed to comply and was verbally abusive. She reportedly resisted officers and blew her car horn while screaming, but was ultimately detained.

•Darcy Lee Means, 48, 373 Franklin St., Braselton — terroristic threats or acts; cruelty to children in the second and third degrees; simple battery; and simple assault. Means was arrested following a domestic dispute. He reportedly tried to choke a juvenile after the juvenile talked back to him. A woman pushed him off and they reportedly got into a tussle after she tried to take a broom from him. He also reportedly threatened to kill a juvenile. Officers said he appeared agitated when they arrived and told family members "y'all are going to pay for this."


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