A man allegedly pulled a gun on another after he heard the man was taking about him.

Jackson County Sheriff's Office deputies were called for the report of terroristic threats and aggravated assault on Ward Rd. May 11.

The complainant said he and his mother been discussing the alleged suspect leaving a mess in the residence when he walked in the room and saw that they were talking about him.

The suspect reportedly retrieved a firearm, pulled back on the slide to place a round in the chamber, then pointed it at the side of the victim's head.

With the gun still pointed at the man's head, the suspect asked if "there were any problems between them" and said he was going to kill him. The complainant said he replied to the man, "if he was going to shoot, then to shoot him."

The suspect then left the scene.

A K-9 unit was called, but the suspect wasn't found.

Authorities did find a holster in the area.


Other recent incidents reported to the JCSO in Braselton and Hoschton were:

•theft by taking on Bill Watkins Rd. where someone stole a trailer.

•information on Stone View Dr. where someone found a syringe in the yard.

•agency assist on Hwy. 332 where officers assisted the Georgia State Patrol with a wreck with injuries.

•suspicious activity on Doe Ct. where someone reported seeing a vehicle parked in a cul-de-sac and one of the occupants was holding was appeared to be a sound level device out of the window.

•aggravated stalking on Grand Brighton View where a man was seen at a woman's residence, violating a temporary protection order.

•dispute on Hwy. 53 where a woman reported her son and his girlfriend were in an altercation. She said the girlfriend hit her son, then they both got out of the vehicle, which was in neutral and rolled down the driveway into the tree line. The couple left and the woman couldn't get in touch with them.

•damage to property on Bradmore Court where someone spray-painted male genitalia on a graduation sign.

•theft by taking on Cedar Rock Rd. where a man reported a tag was missing from a motorcycle.

•suspicious activity on Rebecca St. where a man in a truck asked children where a man lived in the neighborhood. The complainant found the man's aggressive nature odd, along with the fact that he was talking to the children.

•dispute on Country Ridge Dr. where a couple argued over one of them not doing anything around the house. The argument was verbal only and they separated for the evening.

•suspicious activity on Skelton Rd. where a man heard noises coming from downstairs.

•forgery on Antrim Glen Rd. where a man said someone wrote a check from his account.

•information on Davenport Rd. where a woman argued with a woman who she'd let stay in a camper at her residence. The argument started because the tenant had brought a dog to the camper and the complainant had allergies. The tenant reportedly called the woman a "dumba**" and asked "do you want me to show you what bipolar is?" Officers ultimately told them both that the woman couldn't live in the camper due to local ordinances.

•information on Bill Watkins Rd. where a woman reported a man knocked on her door, asking for directions. She feared the man was scoping out the residence or planned to break-in.

•battery and criminal trespass on Duck Rd. where a woman said her ex-boyfriend came to her house and used her keys to get inside. He reportedly grabbed her phone and shouted at her and told her he would "beat the f**k" out of her. He also reportedly kicked and punched a dog. The man allegedly damaged a door and threw the woman to the ground when she tried to get her phone back. He left the scene before officers arrived and they weren't able to make contact with him at his residence.

•simple assault on Davey Circle where a woman said her husband locked her outside of her residence while her baby was inside. She also said the man had acted like he was going to hit her with a bottle after she poured vodka down the drain. The man denied that, and said he was upset about the vodka so he told her he flushed her pot down the toilet and the argument escalated.

•unruly juvenile on Durham Dr. where a juvenile ran away after a family member confronted him about drug issues. Officers found the juvenile, who was then reunited with family.


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