A man reportedly cussed at a juvenile female fast-food worker and later sent his sons through the drive-through to use more profanity.

The alleged incident occurred recently at a fast-food restaurant on Hwy. 124. The man reportedly said “$%& you” to the juvenile female who was working the drive-through after she told him his order couldn’t be taken due to staffing shortages.

According to the incident report, the worker said “you too” in response, thinking the man said “have a good day.” The response prompted the man to reportedly enter the store to confront management about he juvenile. When the juvenile approached, the man reportedly told her that he would “knock the $@&# out of her” if she were a man.

After the man left, restaurant staff said the man sent his sons back around through the drive-through to cuss at them through the speaker.

Fearing for staff safety, the restaurant manager locked the business until a deputy arrived. Restaurant workers did not press charges, fearing retaliation, according to the incident report.

Other recent incidents reported to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office included:

•simple battery/family violence on Hwy. 53 where a woman said her husband struck her on the arm during an argument.

•theft by taking on Lewis Braselton Blvd. where a man said a dealer tag was stolen from his lot.

•death investigation (non-murder) on Jackson Trail Rd. where a woman was found deceased in her bed. The woman’s mother had recently tested positive for COVID-19, and the woman began showing symptoms but did not get tested, according to the incident report.

•agency assist on I-85 to a three-vehicle accident where the at-fault driver was arrested following a field-sobriety test.

•noise complaint on Jackson Trail Rd. where loud music was reported.

•dispute on White St. where a man, who was reportedly intoxicated, said he and his wife got into an argument.

•suspicious activity on Freedom Pkwy. where restaurant staff was reportedly concerned that an intoxicated male was about to drive. A ride was arranged to transport the man home.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 53 where a vehicle had been reported sitting for two to four hours with the door open. The owner of the car, who was contacted later, said he had a mental breakdown and woke up in the hospital.

•agency assist on Thompson Mill Rd. to accident with injuries where a man was reportedly trapped inside a vehicle down a 50-foot embankment. The man was removed and transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center.

•criminal interference with government property at Jaxco Junction where a student reported that someone destroyed the boys’ bathroom in the Jackson County High School auditorium.

•hit-and-run on I-85 where a woman said a male driver struck the back of her vehicle after she slammed on the brakes to avoid striking a vehicle in front of her. Both drivers eventually pulled over and exited their vehicles, but the man reportedly returned to his vehicle and drove off after the woman called 9-1-1. The man’s hands were reportedly bleeding.

•noise complaint on Wehunt Rd. where loud music was reportedly coming from a parked vehicle in a driveway.

•theft on Downing St. where a man said he saw footage from his doorbell camera showing a woman taking two packages from his front porch.

•criminal interference with government property on Jaxco Junction where a Jackson County High School bathroom was reportedly vandalized with a red liquid.

•suspicious activity on Wehunt Rd. where a woman reported that her daughter saw someone with a flashlight in the front yard of their residence.

•suspicious activity on West Broad St. at Hwy. 53 where truck was sitting in the roadway with the lights on.

•dispute on Summerhill Dr. where a woman said she got into an argument with her husband while he was drunk. She said her husband, while highly intoxicated, got into his truck and left.

•aggravated battery on Poplar Springs Rd. where a man reportedly knocked another man unconscious after striking him in the face three times. The man then fell backward into a dresser and busted the back of his head open, according to the incident report. The other man reportedly fled the scene and left with a friend who took him to Gainesville.

•theft on Rouse Rd. where a woman reported her trash can was stolen.

•suspicious activity on Chesterton Ln. where a woman said a man knocked on her door, peeked into her windows, jiggled the door handle and stayed on the property for approximately 30 minutes before leaving. The woman said the man later returned and stopped his vehicle a short distance from her residence before leaving again. The woman said her daughter, who works at a fast-food restaurant, dealt with an irate customer earlier that day and feared this was the same person from that incident.

•fraud on Jackson Trail Rd. where a woman reported two unauthorized debits on her account.

•suspicious activity on Stanford Way where a woman was reportedly knocking on doors, requesting residents’ help. The woman, when speaking to a deputy, said her boyfriend played her a song insinuating he would hurt her. The deputy said the woman showed signs of paranoia, had difficulty speaking in complete sentences and believed her to be under the influence of methamphetamine, which the woman denied.

•criminal trespass on Jackson Trail Rd. where the owner of a towing company reported a hole in his fence but was unaware of who caused the damage.

•information on Lauren Marie Dr. where a man said a nearby resident is growing marijuana plants near a creek behind a residence and is preparing to harvest them.

•information on Jaxco Junction where a truck was reportedly speeding through the area and knocking over trash cans.

•damage to vehicle on South Hampton Circle where a man said his vehicle was stuck in a ditch after being run off the road by a school bus. No injuries were reported. The man did not wish to file an accident report.

•battery and mental subject on Brighton Park Circle where a woman said a man had gotten on top of her and held her down. The woman reportedly had bruising around her left eye and left arm. The woman appeared to be under the influence of a drug, according to the incident report. The woman’s sister said the woman has been diagnosed with a mental illness and had been beaten by the man before. The woman was taken to the hospital by her sister, according to the report.

•information on Tom White Rd. where a woman said her dog got free and chased an Amazon delivery driver who fell in the woman’s driveway. The driver said the dog bit him, which the woman denied, according to the incident report. The man reportedly refused medical attention.

•agency assist on Sam Freeman Rd. where a tree was reportedly on fire.


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