A man said he was attacked while sitting outside of a Braselton restaurant.

Officers with the Braselton Police Department were called for the report of simple assault on Brassie Ln.

They found a man bleeding from his head and face.

He told officers he was outside sitting and waiting on a ride when three men approached him. One of them reportedly asked him about messing with a woman, but the man said he didn't know her.

That's when one of the men threw the alleged victim to the ground and began hitting him, according to the police report. The man hit him several times before knocking him out.

A med unit checked on the man, but he refused to be taken to the hospital.

There were no other witnesses.

The complainant said the only woman they know by the name the suspects were asking about is a regular, but wasn't there tonight. The complainant said the woman and several other people in the area are swingers and they may have had something to do with the alleged attack.


In another incident, BPD officers were called after a possible drunk driver nearly struck a pedestrian in a parking lot.

The suspect reportedly almost hit someone who was standing outside of a vehicle in a parking lot on Hwy. 211. He also reportedly nearly caused an accident when pulling onto Hwy. 211.

The complainant reportedly chased the man.

Officers said the suspect appeared to be heavily under the influence and he admitted to drinking. But officers didn't observe him operating a vehicle, so the man's wife was called to pick him up.


Other recent incidents reported to the BPD were:

•entering auto on Braselton Pkwy. where it appeared someone entered a vehicle and looked through items inside.

•information on Village Way where someone built a fire pit and burned pallets behind a dumpster.

•damage to a vehicle on Grand Hickory Dr. where a vehicle was damaged while someone was running errands.

•domestic disturbance/dispute on Walnut Woods Dr. where a woman said her boyfriend threw a wine bottle at her, but officers didn't find any evidence. She also said her boyfriend had been looking at questionable material online and antagonizes her to start a fight.

•theft by taking on I-85 where a 2004 silver GMC Yukon that was left on the roadside due to mechanical issues was taken.

•missing person on Sparta Way where a man was reported missing, but was later found.

•possession of marijuana less than an ounce on I-85 where officers stopped a vehicle for traveling 83-miles-per-hour in a 60-mph zone. Officers smelled marijuana and cited a passenger after he turned over the substance. Officers cited the driver for speeding in a construction zone.

•criminal damage on Grant Ct. where van tires were punctured.

•theft of lost or mislaid property on Hwy. 211 where a woman left her phone at a convenience store and it went missing.


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