A man reported a woman intentionally struck his vehicle while a child was inside it during an incident on New Year's Eve.

Jackson County Sheriff's Office deputies were called for the report of aggravated assualt-family violence, cruelty to children and criminal damage to property on East Jefferson St. in Hoschton.

A man said his ex-girlfriend wanted to argue and kept "mouthing off" during a New Year's Eve party. When he tried to leave, he said the woman put a beer bottle behind the tires on his vehicle to keep the car from being moved.

The complainant said he put his son in the car and while he was trying to put his twins in the vehicle, the woman started driving laps around the house, chasing people in her car. When the woman's father tried to intervene, the woman nearly ran over his foot, according to the police report.

She allegedly began to drive down the driveway, stopped the vehicle and then put it in reverse and began ramming the vehicle while the son was inside.

The juvenile had a bump on his head and a family member said she planned to take him to the hospital.

Officers said there was major damage to both sides of the vehicle and window glass was on the ground. The deputy also reported seeing ruts on the ground from the tires of the vehicle that struck the complainant's.

Officers weren't able to make contact with the woman at the residence.


Other recent incidents reported to the JCSO in Braselton and Hoschton were:

•welfare check on Jackson Trail Rd. where officers checked on a man who said he was OK. DeKalb County authorities later inquired about the welfare check and said the man was being abused by two younger men, claiming they deprived him of food and took his money, phone and medications. The DeKalb County officer planned to visit the residence.

•agency assist on New Cut Rd. where officers assisted with a two-vehicle wreck with injuries. One of the drivers was transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center (NGMC) Gainesville.

•information on Ridge Way where a woman said her dog ran out of the yard and into the road and her neighbor's dog then jumped on her dog.

•information on Hwy. 53 where officers were called for a vehicle fire.

•animal complaint on Boyd Dr. where a woman said a Pitbull dog attacked her Dachshund dog, which later died. Animal Control was called.

•information on Summit View Dr. where a man contacted a woman in violation of a bond agreement.

•information on Hwy. 60 where a man believed he located a truck connected in a previous theft of his lawn equipment.

•harassing communications on Hwy. 53 where a man said a woman he met online was threatening to send out explicit photos and messages he sent her to his wife and family if she didn't pay him $3,000.

•animal complaint on New Cut Rd. where someone reported dogs barking.

•suspicious activity on Emerald Allie where someone reported seeing someone approach their neighbor's house.

•improper stopping on roadway on Country Ridge Dr. where someone parked and blocked the sidewalk and fire hydrant.

•suspicious activity on New Liberty Church Rd. where a man reported an unfamiliar vehicle pulled onto their rental property.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 124 where someone reported a vehicle was driving slowly around a subdivision. It was a delivery driver.

•suspicious person on Skelton Rd. where someone reported two people were carrying a backpack with a T-shirt over it.

•noise complaint on Duck Rd. Officers said the party ended and music cut off when they arrived.

•noise complaint on Olde Wick Tr.

•road hazard on Tapp Wood Rd. where a tree was down across a roadway.

•terroristic threats and acts on Macy Ln. where a man attempted to contact a woman despite a temporary protection order. He also reportedly said he was on his way to her residence to take a vehicle. According to a family member, the man had also threatened to kill the woman in the past.

•suspicious activity on Glen Lake Rd. where a woman reported a former neighbor attempted to contact them multiple times.

•welfare check on Ednaville Rd. where officers checked on a woman who made a comment about wanting to be with her grandfather in heaven. She denied wanting to harm herself.

•information on Hwy. 124 where a man reported his mother went missing after getting angry with a family member. She reportedly left walking and said she was going "where the road took her."

•theft by taking on Skelton Rd. where someone took a dog trap, but it was later returned.

•suspicious activity on Davenport Rd. where someone reported people were walking in the road and yelling. Officers made contact with three people while one of them was walking to work.

•suspicious activity on West Jefferson St. where a woman reported another woman rang her doorbell and said someone was following her in a truck. A woman also called police shortly after, claiming someone in a truck was driving in the neighborhood and began to follow her.

•dispute on Ward Rd. where two brothers and their partners got into an argument over a camper. One of the men reportedly called a woman a "b***h," and the woman confronted him, so he pushed her. Others got involved to separate them.

•dispute on West Jefferson St. where several people argued while one of them was retrieving their belongings.

•information on Hwy. 332 where an officer stopped to untangle a dog from rose bushes.

•information on I-85 where officers transported a woman to a restaurant after her vehicle ran out of gas while she was driving to South Carolina. She had also been reported as a missing person out of Texas and officers advised her to contact someone in her family.

•hit and run on Wehunt Rd. where a man reported another vehicle struck his and left the scene.

•information on Miracle Ct. where officers gave a woman a ride to a travel center after family members reported they didn't want her at their residence.

•dispute on Hwy. 53 where a couple argued and a woman threw a binder in the trash. The man said he feared she was going to hit him with the binder.

•dispute on New Cut Rd. where a couple argued and one of them reportedly had a butcher knife, trying to get the other to leave her alone. They had both left before officers arrived.

•dispute on West Jefferson St. where a woman and her ex-boyfriend argued and a bottle was broken. The woman said it fell, but the man said she pushed him and broke the bottle on the floor.

•welfare check on Caldwell Ln. where officers attempted to check on a woman, who had since been checked into a mental health facility.

•suspicious person/trespassing on Jackson Trail Rd. where a woman reported seeing a man at a residence. He said he was looking for a mechanic before leaving the scene.

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