A man recently shot and killed a dog in West Jackson after seeing the dog act aggressively towards family members.

Deputies with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office were called for the incident on Duck Rd.

A man shot a dog twice after the dog was seen behaving aggressively at a family member's house. The dog reportedly growled at a woman and her son and approached them aggressively.

It also reportedly kept a woman from entering her vehicle and going to the store. She was ultimately able to get into her vehicle and leave and, at that time, a family member shot the dog twice, killing it.


Other recent incidents reported to the JCSO in Braselton and Hoschton were:

•theft by shoplifting on Hwy. 124 where a man attempted to shoplift over $300 worth of merchandise.

•welfare check on Ward Rd. where a woman asked officers to check on her sister and her sister's child because she hadn't heard from them in months. A resident said the woman was at a treatment facility.

•agency assist on River Bluff where officers assisted EMS with a man who wanted a ride to the hospital for an alcohol detox.

•registration of sex offenders on Ward Rd. where officers learned a registered sex offender no longer lived in the residence where he was registered.

•harassment on Skelton Rd. where a woman reported her ex-husband sent her unwanted text messages. Officers said the woman appeared fearful of the man and she noted a history of domestic and drug abuse. Officers suggested the woman try to reinstate an expired temporary protection order.

•theft by taking on Hwy. 124 where a woman reported her phone went missing.

•welfare check on New Liberty Church Rd. where officers attempted to check on a man who had threatened suicide and said he took 32 Xanax pills. He also had a warrant. Officers didn't find him at the residence.

•harassing communications on Huntington Trail where a woman recorded a video that someone had posted on Snapchat of someone burning an American flag. She then received messages from different accounts, claiming they knew where she lived and calling her a derogatory name.

•suspicious activity on Cardigen Dr. where someone reported seeing a vehicle drive around a neighborhood multiple times. The vehicle stopped at the entrance to the neighborhood, then left and came back multiple times. Officers found the vehicle, but no one was inside. A door was open at a residence where the vehicle was parked, but officers didn't find anyone or any damage.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 53 where someone reported three people threw ice at vehicles. A second person later reported finding three people hiding in their garage, but they took off. Officers spoke with three people at a nearby residence, but they denied the actions.

•suspicious activity on Durham Dr. where a man parked a vehicle while he handed out political fliers.

•suspicious activity on Emma Cir. where a girl told her father that she heard noises outside and reported seeing lights moving. He didn't think anything about it until she mentioned it again. The man saw someone outside of his residence and a vehicle parked there. The suspect took off and the complainant wasn't able to catch up to get a better description. The complainant's wife suspected it may have been her ex-husband.

•damage to property on New Liberty Church Rd. where a man swerved to avoid hitting a dog, but the vehicle hit the dog and an embankment, damaging a fog light. The dog wasn't injured.

•agency assist on I-85 where a truck with a trailer was involved in a wreck with a truck. There was damage to a guardrail, but no one was injured.

•terroristic threats and acts on Brannon Dr. where a 14-year-old girl "had a meltdown." The girl reportedly got upset after she heard whistling, but other family members told her there wasn't anyone inside the residence. The juvenile reportedly threw a glass bottle, damaged her bedroom door and threw items in her bedroom. At one point, a family member held the juvenile down. She also reportedly threatened family members. When officers approached, she said she was going to kill herself and cut her wrist with a charger block. She was taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center Braselton.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 53 where someone reported an older woman was sitting in a vehicle in a parking lot and talking out of her head. She said she was just ordering groceries.

•mental person on Jackson Trail Rd. where a man said he saw people on his property, but officers said no one was there.

•suspicious activity on Albion Ct. where two people sat in a vehicle in a cul-de-sac. They said they were looking for a quiet place to talk.

•criminal trespass on New Liberty Church Rd. where a man reported an unknown person entered his residence through the front door and walked straight out the back door.

•welfare check on Hwy. 53 where officers checked on a man who was asleep in his vehicle. He'd gotten into an argument with his wife and parked at the business. When he got there, he had a couple of single-serve liquor bottle drinks. Officers took him home since he couldn't get anyone to come get him.

•theft by taking on Hwy. 124 West where a man's cell phone was taken.

•dispute on Ward Rd. where a woman was upset at a man who retrieved a storage building from her property. She said the man threw blocks and wooden wedges, nearly striking someone on the property. The man said the woman was hostile and he was removing the blocks in a hurry due to her attitude. He said he didn't damage anything.

•information on Cedar Rock Rd. where a man said another man "snapped" and was destroying his own belongings. He reportedly damaged his home and burned items. He ultimately decided to stay with a friend.

•agency assist on Hwy. 124 where officers assisted the Georgia State Patrol with a wreck with injuries.

•damage to a vehicle on I-85 where a man tried to merge when he noticed a lane was closing, but he couldn't get over and struck a cone.


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