A man told the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) that he suspected that his brother, whom he said is a convicted felon, recently his 9mm handgun from his car.

The reported theft occurred on Bristol Ct.

The man said his brother was the only person with access to the car keys. He also said his brother “may do something” with the firearm or sell it or pawn it for drug money.


In other incidents reported to the JCSO:

•burglary at the Twin Lakes subdivision where $13,000 worth of tools was reportedly stolen from a construction company.

•agency assist on Mayapple Walk where a deputy assisted the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office in searching for a man who reportedly was suffering from mental issues, possibly suicidal and under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

•dispute on New Liberty Church Rd. where a woman said her boyfriend slammed her hand in a door during an argument. She said she believed the incident was an accident. The woman said she didn’t know where her boyfriend went, saying “he usually runs off when the sheriff’s office is called.” The man reportedly had a warrant out for his arrest prior to the alleged incident.

•information on Wilber Dr. where a woman said her husband was verbally abusive toward her.

•agency assist on Hwy. 332 and Old Pendergrass Rd. to an automobile accident with injuries.

•criminal trespass on Charlotte Dr. where a couple said someone cut their Christmas tree lights. The couple, who are African American, said this incident has occurred previously and may be a hate crime.

•suspicious activity on Meadow Vista Lane where a driver was reportedly seen doing doughnuts in a muddy field.

•information on Castle View Dr. where a woman alleged that her soon-to-be ex-husband had sex with his cousin, who was possibly 16 years old at the time, according to the woman.

•suspicious activity on Reece Dr. where a woman said she heard someone walking around in her house. A deputy searched the home but found no one inside the residence.

•damage to property on Pendergrass Rd. where a woman said she ran off the road while changing radio stations, struck a Hoschton City Limits sign, hit a culvert and went airborne into a ditch where the vehicle landed on its side.

•burglary on Cooper Bridge Rd. where someone reportedly broke into a shop. Seventy-five fishing rods were reported missing.

•information on Skelton Rd. where a man said his wife’s ex stopped in his driveway and yelled obscenities at him before speeding away.

•dispute on Stoneview Dr. where an intoxicated woman reportedly became belligerent after being removed from her parents’ home and taken to a different residence. The woman repeatedly beat on a door at the second location, according to the incident report, leading to her being barred from that residence.

•simple assault on Jaxco Junction where an altercation was reported in the Jackson County High School cafeteria.

•damage to a vehicle on Curk Roberts Rd. where a man said someone scratched the front and passenger side of his vehicle. He added that the perpetrator appeared to use a screwdriver to dig into the vehicle’s plastic. The man said he suspected his neighbors for the damage, alleging that they used drugs and that he’d had issues with them in the past.

•suspicious activity on Jackson Trail Rd. where a small fire was reported in a cemetery next to a church. A man was reportedly at the scene at the time of the fire. The man told the responding deputy he was praying in his car. The property owner told the deputy that the man was not to return to the property.

•damage to property on Pendergrass Rd. where a woman said someone broke windows at her residence with rocks, bricks and other objects lying around the property. An upstairs window and porch storm window were reportedly broken at the home, while windows on the out buildings and barn were also broken.

•information on Braselton Farm Dr. where a rear basement door was reported damaged. The complainant said someone tried to enter the residence by prying open the double basement doors.


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