A Hoschton man suspects his neighbor may have poisoned his dog.

The information report was among recent calls made to the Jackson County Sheriff's Office in the West Jackson area.

The complainant said he noticed his small dog was sick and took it to an animal hospital, where he learned the dog had ingested rat poison. He said the dog stays inside or on a short lead in the yard.

When asked who would want to poison the dog, the man named his neighbor. He said the neighbor has made comments and actions towards dogs in the area in the past.


Other recent incidents reported to the JCSO in Braselton and Hoschton were:

•criminal trespass on Creekview Dr. where a woman said a man got upset when she confronted him about walking on her property.

•suicide threats on Ednaville Rd. where a juvenile was taken to the hospital after consuming a handful of acetaminophen pills.

•suspicious activity on Lauren Marie Dr. where a woman found her camper had a light on and an open door. She also found an exterior hose was turned on. Officers didn't find anyone suspicious in the area.

•dispute on Sassafras Ln. where a man and his stepson argued after the juvenile didn't want to take a bath or brush his teeth.

•dispute on Johnson Dr. where a couple argued and one of them wanted information about obtaining a restraining order.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 124 West where an employee said someone called, claiming to be with corporate, and asked questions they should have already known the answers to (the name of the regional manager, his title, etc.). The complainant said they later called corporate to notify them and they told them to contact the JCSO for an escort to their vehicles at the end of the day.

•suspicious activity on Margie Ct. where someone reported a vehicle parked along the roadway.

•animal complaint on Downing St. where a man reported someone's dog barked constantly.

•dispute on Freedom Pkwy. where a woman reported a fired employee refused to leave. The employee said she'd leave when her transportation arrived.

•death investigation (non-murder) on Emma Cir. where a woman with an extensive medical history was found dead.

•dispute on Pocket Rd. where a mother and son argued and the son refused to leave. He had left before officers arrived.

•information on Braselton Pkwy. where a man reported a human resources director opened letters and took money that he sent to co-workers.

•deposit account fraud on Joshua Way where a man reported someone tried to pass checks out of his business account.

•civil matter on Cooper Bridge Rd. where a man wanted to ask questions about his father's estate.

•welfare check on Cedar Ridge Dr. where officers checked on a woman and her children after a report that she left the kids at home while she works as a driver. Officers said everyone was OK.

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