A man was recently taken to the hospital after intentionally setting a fire.

Jackson County Sheriff's Office deputies were called for the aggravated assault-family violence call on New Liberty Church Rd.

The suspect had set two mattresses on fire inside of a residence. Two residents had to move the burning mattresses outside and one of them said he feared for his life.

One of the residents said the suspect told him "you are going to burn in hell and only I am going to live." Moments later, the resident smelled the smoke.

The suspect said he and his mother had gotten into an argument. He reportedly admitted to starting the fire.

Officers said he appeared to be in an "altered state of mind" and they found an empty pill bottle on the man, despite the prescription being filled that day. The suspect was taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center.

Officers said it was evident he had intended to cause serious bodily harm.


Other recent incidents reported to the JCSO in Braselton and Hoschton were:

•information on Joshua Way where a juvenile ran away from home, leaving a note indicating he didn't want to live with his mother anymore. Officers made several attempts to make contact with the juvenile.

•financial transaction card fraud on Ward Rd. where a woman reported money was taken from her account.

•information on Lauren Marie Dr. where a woman received a check for $1,800 from someone she didn't know. She took it to the bank, but later suspected the check may have been fraudulent.

•suspicious activity on Jacob Dr. where a woman reported banging outside of her house. She said a vehicle had also driven through her subdivision and stopped outside her residence.

•suspicious activity on Emma Cir. where a man reported someone tried to change an address on one of his credit card accounts.

•dispute on Grand Brighton View where a couple argued and the woman wanted the man to leave or move to another bedroom. She also reportedly got upset when officers told her they couldn't make him move. Deputies were later called back after the couple began arguing again and the woman said the man slammed her arm in a door. But there was no physical evidence and the man said he only closed the door. He showed officers a video of the incident. The woman reportedly got upset with officers when they told her there wasn't enough evidence to charge the man.

•suspicious activity on Bald Eagle Trace where officers saw a parked vehicle with its window down. They tried contacting the owner, but were unsuccessful.

•animal complaint on Penny Ln. where a woman reported her neighbor's dog bit her dog.

•temporary protection order service on Grand Brighton View where officers stood on scene while a man — who had a TPO taken out on him by his girlfriend — retrieved belongings.

•information on Pendergrass Rd. where someone found a juvenile playing near the road. The juvenile had gone outside while her mother was running a bath for her. Officers said there were no signs of neglect or endangerment, but told the parents to be mindful of the child playing near the road.

•suspicious activity on Duck Rd. where a woman reported hearing gunshots and said one of the bullets came near her dog's "rear end." Officers weren't able to determine where the gunshots had come from.

•harassing communications on Hwy. 332 where someone sent an email demanding bitcoin or they'd release blackmail.

•dispute on Chesterton Ln. where a man said his daughter invited someone over to the residence. She told the man to leave and that he didn't want anyone at the house due to the COVID-19 situation.

•criminal trespass on Olde Wick Trail where someone reported two men were outside their residence and one was standing in the living room. One of the residents thought the man in the living room may have been intoxicated. When he told him to leave, he did so and said he'd see him in the morning. Nothing was taken.

•information on Whites Bottom Rd. where someone reported a female with a 104-degree fever was lying in the yard of a residence. Officers determined the woman's boyfriend lived there. He reportedly has COVID-19 and didn't want the woman in the residence. She had left the scene when officers arrived and they couldn't find her in the area.

•information on Skelton Rd. where a woman reported her ex-husband contacted her fiancee, telling him it was "about time you and I talk." The woman believed it was a threat based on the man's history.

•agency assist on Rochester Rd. where officers assisted a med unit with an unresponsive female. She was taken to NGMC Gainesville.

•unruly juvenile/Department of Family and Children Services referral on Joy Rd. where a juvenile argued with his parents.

•hit and run on Hwy. 332 where someone struck and damaged a fence. A department of transportation sign was also damaged.


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