Braselton authorities were recently called after a man brought a gun to a warehouse.

Officers with the Braselton Police Department were called for the aggravated assault report on Lewis Braselton Blvd.

A woman said the suspect, an employee, refused to complete his work and was escorted out of the building. The man acted like he was leaving, but later came back into the lobby.

He reportedly yelled and cursed at the woman and later sat down while the woman was trying to calm him down. According to the complainant, the man then said he was "all about this life" as he raised his shirt and showed her a pistol in his waist band.

The man had left the scene when officers arrived. He reportedly broke a gate arm in the process.


Other recent incidents reported to the BPD were:

•theft on Silk Tree Pt. where someone took two mountain bikes.

•burglary on Brookstone Tr. where a woman reported seeing a man try to enter a back door at her house. The man fled after the woman yelled at him and told him she had a gun.

•civil matter on Autumn Maple Dr. where a gates were damaged.

•fraud on Spout Springs Rd. where someone reported a business' prescription book had been copied and it was used at various locations.

•information on Pinot Noir Dr. where officers assisted with a medical call.

•civil matter on Lexington Ct. where a man reported receiving a package, but the items were low quality and he wanted a refund. He contacted the seller, who asked that the items be shipped back. The shipping cost was $500.

•fraud on Grand Hickory Dr. where someone tried to cash a washed check.

•drug investigation on Hwy. 211 where officers stopped a vehicle after smelling marijuana.  The driver was cited after officers found the substance.

•theft on Quarry Falls Ct. where a man reported his girlfriend took his vehicle.


Recent arrests made by the BPD were:

•Cory K. Keith, 42, 2701 Quarry Falls Ct., Braselton — simple battery. Keith reportedly pushed and choked a woman during a domestic dispute. He said he placed his hands on her shoulders and they slipped.

•Taylor Curtis Estes, 39, 2993 Paddock Tr., Duluth — possession of methamphetamine; possession of marijuana less than an ounce; taillight violation; and possession of drug-related objects. Estes was stopped in a vehicle with a broken taillight. Officers saw a glass pipe in the vehicle and later found meth and marijuana in the vehicle.

•Megan Mittie Hobbs, 30, 4017 Paloverde Dr., Kennesaw — disorderly conduct and obstructing/hindering a law enforcement officer. Hobbs was reportedly boisterous and loud and used vulgarities at a restaurant. An off-duty Statham police officer was working security and said the woman pushed him and was physically resistant when he tried to escort her out of the restaurant.

•Chantay April Lynette Grays, 54, 3132 2nd St., New Orleans — battery. Officers were called for a dispute between two people. Officers found Grays and a man inside a vehicle and saw Grays physically attack the man, grabbing his face with her hands and raking her fingers across his face. She also reportedly slapped the man.

•Shawn Aaron Browell, 34, 104 Fronko St., Hwy. N, Monana, Penn. — speeding; reckless driving; failure to yield to emergency vehicles; following too close; and failure to maintain lane. Officers attempted to stop Browell for driving 91-miles-per-hour on I-85. He reportedly accelerated and weaved in and out of traffic. HE continued traveling, reaching speeds over 120-mph, but ultimately stopped and was arrested.


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