A parking enforcement officer for a private business was recently arrested in Braselton after pepper-spraying a man. The alleged victim had been attempting to wake up tractor-trailer drivers to keep them from getting a boot placed on their vehicles.

Officers with the Braselton Police Department arrested Charles Jamile Hamadi, 58, 5017 Kings Wood Dr., Roswell, for battery, following the incident.

According to the police report, the male victim drove by a Hwy. 53 business and saw several tractor-trailers in the parking lot. He also saw Hamadi, a parking enforcement officer, in the lot.

The victim — who drives a tractor-trailer for a living — knew the drivers were about to get booted and fined $500 for parking in the lot, so he banged on the doors of the trucks and tried to wake up the drivers so they could move the vehicles before getting fined.

Hamadi reportedly approached the man and told him he needed to leave. The man started to leave, but stopped to get the attention of one of the truck drivers. Hamadi then reportedly administered pepper spray on him.

Hamadi told officers that the man had pushed him. He said he sprayed the pepper spray into the air when the man approached him again, to keep him at bay.

But a witness said Hamadi sprayed the victim while he was sitting in his vehicle. Officers found evidence of pepper spray in the victim's vehicle and on his clothing. He also had physical signs of being pepper-sprayed (bloodshot, watery eyes). EMS checked on the victim.

Officers had Hamadi remove the boots off of several trucks, since his company didn't have permission to conduct business inside town limits.


Other recent arrests made by the BPD were:

•Chad Lee Cooper, 27, 405 Bob Wood Dr., Loganville — disorderly conduct. Cooper reportedly caused a scene at a hotel and continually yelled at officers when they arrived. He also asked officers to take him to an Army or Marines base and get him a helicopter to get his fiance, who he said had been left in another country. He also made references to God and meeting former President Trump.

•Victoria Lynn Turner, 25, 1886 Phillips Ct., Monroe — driving under the influence (DUI)-alcohol; following too closely; and no proof of insurance. Turner was involved in a minor car accident and officers said she smelled of alcohol. She was arrested after field sobriety and breath tests.

•Lamar Keith Nichols, 48, 5594 Wylstream, Norcross — driving with a suspended/revoked license. Nichols was stopped on I-85 and arrested for driving with a revoked license.

•Shaquille Anthony Glenn, 27, 4195 Brynhill Ln., Buford — disorderly conduct. Glenn got into an argument with a woman at a restaurant because she didn't want to leave. He reportedly called the woman a "f-----g b---h" multiple times, despite being told not to by officers.

•Dino Clarke, 37, 113-28 226th St., Springfield, N.Y. — driving without a valid license; reckless driving; and speeding. Clarke was stopped for driving 101-miles-per-hour on I-85. He was arrested after officers learned his license was suspended.

•Tiarra Andrea Beane, 26, 7894 Tall Pines Ct., Glenburnie, Md. — speeding and driving with a suspended/revoked license. Beane was stopped for driving 87-mph on I-85 and arrested after officers learned her license was suspended.

•Juan L. Hernandez, 42, 3262 Duluth Pines, North Duluth — speeding; reckless driving; and driving without a valid license. Hernandez was stopped for driving 106-mph on I-85 and arrested after officers learned he didn't have a license.


Other recent incidents reported to the BPD were:

•damage to property on Cottonfield Dr. where mailboxes were damaged.

•damage to a vehicle on Hwy. 124 where a vehicle struck a deer.

•theft on Grand Hickory Dr. where someone reported a rental scam. A family paid $1,700 in rent to someone who forged a fake lease agreement and asked for payment via money cards.

•fraud on Landon Ln. where a man said someone contacted him, claiming to be with the Drug Enforcement Administration. The caller told him a vehicle registered in his name had been found with blood and drugs and that felony charges were pending on him. They also told him his financial accounts would be frozen and that he'd be issues a new Social Security Number.

•theft on Golf Club Dr. where 14 golf clubs were taken.

•criminal trespass on Spout Springs Rd. where two people were playing violin with an amplifier in a parking lot.

•hit and run on I-85 where a woman said she rear-ended a vehicle and the vehicle didn't stop.

•civil matter on Hwy. 53 where a customer wanted cash after winning on the slot machines, but the store would only offer store credit.

•disturbance on Rue Chalemagne Dr. where a couple argued. The female complainant said her boyfriend had been drinking and wanted to leave to get food, but she knew he shouldn't leave, so she took his cell phone and tablet. The man reportedly pushed her to the side to get the items and left.

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