Employees of a private EMS service recently reported a road rage incident in West Jackson.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office was called for the report of terroristic threats and acts, simple assault, improper stopping on roadway and aggressive driving on Hwy. 124.

The two employees said a blue Acura tried to run them off the road, pulled beside them and threw something out of the vehicle, striking the ambulance.

One of the complainants said the driver was traveling erratically, going in and out of his lane and the lane they were driving in. They followed closely to get the license plate number, before pulling back to drive away.

At that point, the driver stopped his vehicle in the roadway and walked "aggressively" towards the ambulance. He cursed at the complainants, hit the window and tried to open the door.

A truck driver stopped to check on them and the suspect walked away.


Other recent incidents reported to the JCSO in Braselton and Hoschton were:

•civil matter on Skelton Rd. where an estranged couple had a dispute over child custody and divorce proceedings.

•civil matter on River Chase where landscaping crews did work near a property line. The neighbors have reportedly had multiple disputes over the property line throughout the years.

•suspicious activity on West Jackson Rd. where a valve stem cap was missing from a tire, which had flattened.

•suicide threats on Duck Rd. where a couple had a verbal altercation and the man said the woman cut her wrist. Officers didn't find any evidence of that and the woman denied wanting to harm herself. She did have a knife at one point during the incident and reportedly received an abrasion to her arm when the man attempted to take it from her.

•information on East Jefferson St. where officers were called for a student that has continued bad behavior and causes a disruption.

•welfare check on Sassafras Ln. where officers checked on a juvenile who had made suicidal statements and hadn't been at school. He was OK and the family and school were coordinating a safety plan.

•information on Morris Creek Dr. where a dump truck was improperly parked and blocked the entrance to a new development site.

•animal complaint on Hwy. 124 where someone reported a horse that appeared to be in distress, but officers said the horses appeared in good health.

•civil matter on Johnson Dr. where an evicted vendor at a business reported the business owner let someone take her shelves.

•information on Pine Cove Ct. where a woman reported her estranged husband wouldn't return her children and had moved and refused to contact her.

•criminal trespass on Ednaville Rd. where an estranged couple argued while the woman was retrieving her belongings. The man said the woman began yelling and screaming at him and officers said she kept trying to start altercations with the man while they were there. She also reportedly claimed the man had pushed her, but officers saw no signs of a physical altercation. She was given a criminal trespass warning.

•suspicious activity on Poplar Springs Rd. where a man reported a vehicle stopped at the edge of his property and two women ran to the back of the house before leaving. One of the women told a neighbor that she used to live there.

•information on Davenport Rd. where a woman was taken to the hospital after she tripped and landed on her chin. Officers investigated whether the incident was accidental or domestic dispute-related, and determined the injury was caused by an accident.

•civil matter on Skelton Rd. where a man reported his ex-wife was going to take their children after being awarded sole custody. But the man said the woman hadn't seen the kids in eight months and the kids said they didn't want to go with her. She later showed up and called the police after she showed up to the residence and discovered the man had left with the kids.

•dispute on New Liberty Church Rd. where a mother and adult son argued and the man extended his arm to keep the woman out of his face. The man agreed to leave the residence.

•suspicious activity on Alex Ct. where officers found a juvenile hiding in the bushes. She had ran away following an argument with her mother. She said the argument did not become physical.

•agency assist on Hwy. 124 where officers assisted with a possible drunk driver. The driver had struck a curb and officers said she was moving and jerking erratically in the vehicle. Officers said it appeared she was under the influence and she was taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center.

•damage to property on Ednaville Rd. where a man reported a vehicle struck his, causing damage to the mirror and side window.

•agency assist on Hwy. 124 where officers assisted the Georgia State Patrol with a wreck.

•information on Bell Ave. where a med unit assisted an unresponsive man, who later became conscious and left the scene in a vehicle with an open container. Officers weren't able to locate the vehicle.

•civil matter on Johnson Dr. where an evicted vendor got into a dispute with business managers over a display case.

•welfare check on East Castle View Dr. where officers checked on an elderly man who ran into a ditch and reportedly appeared confused. He told officers he'd had an issue with the lights and misjudged the turn. He reportedly appeared OK and refused medical treatment.

•information on East Jefferson St. where officers were called about a student who was not behaving appropriately.

•information on Lewis Braselton Blvd. where a woman reported receiving suspicious mail at a rental property.

•theft by taking on Chatuge Dr. where someone took shingles and sheeting from a job site.

•information on Davenport Rd. where a man lost his wallet which contained his weapons carrying permit card.

•agency assist on Curk Roberts Rd. where officers assisted with a vehicle that was reported for illegal dumping. Code enforcement didn't find any signs of trash on the roadway.

•welfare check on Venture Ct. where officers checked on two juveniles — one had searched for how to tie a noose and the other had made comments about wanting to kill herself. Both juveniles denied wanting to harm themselves.

•welfare check on Blind Brook Cir. where officers checked a residence, but said they didn't see anything to be concerned about.

•simple battery-family violence on Arbor Trace where a teenager and his father got into an argument over chores and the teenager reportedly threw a hard dog toy at the father and struck him in the face. He was taken to Rutland Youth Detention Center.

•fraudulent telephone solicitation on Skelton Rd. where a man reported someone claiming to be a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent called and told him his Social Security Number had been compromised. The caller said they found a vehicle with drugs and money that was leased in his name and told him he needed to close his financial accounts.

•dispute on Lewis Braselton Blvd. where an irate customer got in an argument with the business owner. The customer reportedly yelled at the owner and got in his face. The owner grabbed the man's shirt and pushed him back and the customer pushed him in return.

•dispute on Reece Dr. where an intoxicated woman got into an argument with family members. At one point, she reportedly hit a door and caused a small crack.

•welfare check on Jackson Trail Rd. where officers checked on a woman who couldn't be reached after she reported a sexual assault. She told officers she'd just gotten out of the hospital and agreed to speak to an investigator.

•agency assist on Hwy. 124 where officers assisted with a wreck after a car pulled out in front of another. One person complained of neck pain.

•suspicious activity on Pocket Rd. where officers confronted a man who said he was walking around playing a video game. He had reportedly walked up someone's driveway and was "asking weird questions." Officers told him to go home.

•suspicious activity on Panther Ct. where officers were called for a report of a man stopped in the roadway, slumped over the steering wheel. He'd left before officers arrived and they later found the man getting out of a vehicle and stumbling up the steps of a residence. It appeared he had urinated and drooled on himself. He said he'd been having stomach problems and someone at the residence said they'd take him to have it checked out.

•suspicious activity on Jackson Ave. where officers saw a vehicle with its doors and trunk open. The owner said he must have left it open by accident.

•information on Lewis Braselton Blvd. where a man reported he was dissatisfied with work that was done on his vehicle. He'd also gotten in a dispute with the business owner.


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