A suspicious vehicle recently fled from Braselton police, ultimately traveling through a wet field and backyards during the pursuit.

Officers with the Braselton Police Department had planned to stop a vehicle at a Hwy. 124 and Hwy. 211 convenience store when the driver relocated to another convenience store. He then sped through the parking lot and down Hwy. 211, at times traveling 90-miles-per-hour in 45- and 55-mph zones.

During the pursuit, the driver attempted to pass multiple vehicles in no-passing zones with other motorists approaching. He ran stop signs and was driving "all over the road."

At one point, the suspect turned into a driveway on Chicken Lyle Rd., then into a large field.

"Due to the field being wet and muddy, the driver spun out and at one point, he was fleeing while backing up his truck," according to the police report.

He got the vehicle turned around and drove through backyards, causing damage to a pipe and a yard.

Officers attempted to cut him off, but couldn't stop the patrol vehicle which was traveling downhill in wet grass. The patrol car bumper collided with the driver's side of the suspect's vehicle.

The suspect then backed up into a tree and got out.

A passenger was apprehended, but the driver was able to get away. A K-9 unit search was unsuccessful.

Inside the suspect's vehicle, officers found an assault rifle and several drug-related objects including a digital scale and several baggies. They also found marijuana seeds and stems and a fake bill of money.

Officers planned to pursue warrants on the suspect.


Other recent incidents reported to the BPD were:

•simple assault on Old Winder Hwy. where a man and his girlfriend went to a restaurant to exchange items with the man's ex-girlfriend, who worked at the restaurant. The man and his new girlfriend asked to eat at the restaurant, and when they were refused, the new girlfriend lunged after the ex-girlfriend. Other employees separated the two.

•felony theft by taking on Hwy. 211 where a woman reported an employee stole $1,010 by converting two $500 gift cards into cash.

•information on Mossy Oak Landing where a man found paint on his car. A company had previously been painting at a neighbor's residence.

•accident damage to property on I-85 where a tire on a tractor-trailer blew and debris damaged another vehicle.

•domestic dispute on White Walnut Way where a couple argued about a woman moving out and there was a brief physical struggle. The woman said the man pushed her and tried to take her phone and keys. Juvenile children witnessed the incident and said the couple was arguing, but didn't appear to physically fight. The woman ultimately left the residence, taking the children.

•damage to property on Spout Springs Rd. where a piece of debris flew off a building and struck a vehicle.

•harassment on Grand Hickory Dr. where a man repeatedly contacted his ex-girlfriend, despite being told not to contact her. Officers spoke with the man, who said the woman owed him money. They told him not to contact her unless through legal representation.

•burglary on White Walnut Way where a window on a residence appeared to have been tampered with and a door was found unlocked. Nothing appeared to be missing or disturbed inside the residence.

•burglary on Hwy. 53 where someone took a business door off its hinges, damaged a lock and took numerous clothing items.


Recent arrests made by the BPD were:

•Gabriella Fernanda Malone, 21, 510 McKinstry Ave., Chicopee, Mass. — possession of marijuana less than an ounce; speeding in a work zone; and reckless driving. Malone was stopped for driving 91-miles-per-hour in a 60-mph work zone on I-85. They smelled marijuana in the vehicle and a passenger turned the substance over. Malone claimed the marijuana was hers and officers found more of the substance on the driver's side of the vehicle.

•Derek Dewayne Gray, 40, 253 Franklin St., Braselton — criminal trespass. Gray and a woman had an argument and a door was damaged during the process. Witnesses said Gray "went crazy" and was slamming and throwing things. Gray didn't admit to damaging the door, but witnesses said the hole hadn't been there before the argument.

•Zackery Kyle Fisher, 26, 2210 Malcolm Bridge Rd., Bogart, and Haley Shay Willis, 21, 938 Century Oak Dr., Winder — possession of heroin. The two were arrested following a dispute after a hotel refused to let Fisher into a hotel room until the person who rented the room was on the scene. Officers went inside the room to retrieve Fisher’s and Willis’ belongings and they found heroin, a black straw and tin foil with burnt residue on a nightstand.

•James Matthew Grizzle, 35, 5042 Latty Rd., Lula, and Matthew Ray Williams, 33, 93 McEver Ln., Hoschton — loitering or prowling; possession of methamphetamine; and possession of drug-related objects. Officers noticed a vehicle parked outside of an under-construction house. One man took off running behind the house after seeing officers and another, Williams, was found hiding in the vehicle floorboard. Grizzle later walked up from behind the house and said he was looking for his dog. During the incident, Williams took an item out of his pocket and stomped on it, which was captured on the police dashcam. Officers later discovered it was a box that included a meth pipe. Officers searched the vehicle and found a glass pipe and suspected meth.

•Brandon W. Richards, 41, 4438 Gillsville Hwy., Gillsville — failure to maintain lane and driving under the influence (DUI)-drugs. Richards struck a maintenance barrel. Another driver took Richards' keys from him and said he was all over the roadway and he was concerned he'd hurt someone. When officers asked him for his license, he first handed them a Georgia low-THC registry card before ultimately handing over the license. He was arrested based on witness statements and the results of a field-sobriety test.


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