A man allegedly threatened to shoot another man and retrieved a pistol during a party for youth sport coaches.

The Braselton Police Department was recently called for the threats report on Mayors Way.

According to the complainant, he and another man got into a verbal altercation at a party held for youth sport coaches. The two had been working together on a sports program, but had different opinions on how to conduct business, according to the report.

When the complainant told the suspect he felt he was being treated unfairly, the suspect reportedly became "enraged."

He allegedly told him he would shoot him, then went to his vehicle and got a pistol, chambered a round and yelled. He ultimately left the scene.

The complainant said everyone at the party "had been drinking a little."


Other recent incidents reported to the BPD were:

•runaway on Silk Tree Pt. where a woman reported her 16-year-old son had run away. She had been in contact with him and he told her he is in the woods. The mother also reported ongoing issues regarding the teen's behavior. She didn't fear he was in danger, but said he may have been engaging in activities he shouldn't be.

•lost/found property on Meadow Vista Dr. where a man reported a tag was missing from a utility trailer.

•information on Silk Tree Pt. where a woman reported her husband's ex-wife had been harassing her and said that she feared the woman.

•hit and run on Spout Springs Rd. where a truck backed into a vehicle, then sped off. The driver of the damaged vehicle chased the vehicle, but was unable to get the driver to stop or get a tag number.

•theft on Reisling Dr. where a woman reported a friend wouldn't return a kayak. The friend also reportedly called the woman a "b***h."

•domestic disturbance on Walnut Woods Way where a man pushed a juvenile at a residence. The juvenile said she'd boiled water with a coffee maker and the man pushed her and told her to not use his things. The juvenile also had a video of the ma screaming and yelling at her and a friend.

•suspicious activity on Summerall Cir. where a juvenile told her parents that a male had shared a video of her dancing on social media. He also reported shared their home address, the address of her parent's place of work, the juvenile's school address and other location details.

•domestic disturbance on Silk Tree Pt. where a woman confronted her soon-to-be ex-husband while he was gathering his belongings about him talking to other women. She retrieved his phone and attempted to call someone and the man allegedly came up from behind her and tossed her around until she released the phone. The man later refused to leave and said he was still retrieving his belongings. The woman said he kicked her in the back and officers did see a slight redness on her, but couldn't determine the cause. The man admitted to taking the phone from her hand and said the woman scratched him in the process. But the woman and a witness said the man scratched himself.

•theft on Jackson Ave. where two men attempted to leave a store with a shopping cart full of merchandise without paying for the goods. An employee confronted the men and one ran off. The other argued, put some items in his truck and left. Officers later found the man who ran. He had a warrant out of Jackson County and the Jackson County Sheriff's Office was called to transport.


Arrests recently made by the BPD were:

•Hayley Victoria Smith, 22, 40 Mountain View Cir., Covington — speeding and possession of cocaine. Smith and two passengers were stopped in a vehicle that was traveling 86-miles-per-hour in a 60-mph work zone. Officers smelled marijuana in the car and Smith said she and her friends had just smoked the substance. Officers later found the substance, along with a baggie containing suspected cocaine in the driver's side door. They later found additional marijuana in the trunk of the vehicle and an open container of alcohol near the back passenger's seat. The two passengers were cited.

•Nicholas O. Reynolds, 22, 131 Belmont Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. — giving false name and date of birth. Reynolds was stopped in a vehicle that was traveling 81-mph in a 60-mph zone. The vehicle also didn't have a visible tag and had tinted windows. Officers smelled marijuana inside the vehicle and Reynolds handed over the substance. Reynolds said he didn't have his license on him and gave officers a fake name and date of birth. They later found a bag that contained Reynold's wallet and discovered his true identity information on his driver's license. The driver was also cited.

•Joshua Earl Wilson, 35, 432 Blueberry Ln., Winder — failure to maintain lane; possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute; possession of marijuana less than an ounce; possession of a firearm by a convicted felon; possession of drug-related objects; and possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime. Wilson was stopped for failing to maintain lane. Officers noticed he appeared nervous and later noticed his pupils were constricted, like he was under the influence. They determined it was unsafe for him to drive after a field-sobriety test. Officers then spoke with his probation officer, who confirmed he had a Fourth Amendment waiver. They searched Wilson's vehicle, finding suspected meth, baggies, digital scales, containers with a crystal-like residence in them and marijuana.

•Robert E. Brinkman, 50, 919 Wallace Falls Dr., Braselton — criminal trespass-damaged property. Brinkman was arrested after a neighbor reported hearing a window break, multiple gunshots and screaming from a residence. When officers responded, Brinkman was crying and screaming and officers said it was obvious he was under the influence of alcohol. A witness said Brinkman had too much to drink and that alcohol doesn't mix with his medication. She said he punches holes in the walls and doors and broke a window, but denied that he shot a gun.


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