Jackson County Sheriff's Office deputies were recently called for a report of a toddler walking down the roadway in West Jackson.

The incident was reported Nov. 14 on Pendergrass Rd. in Hoschton.

Officers didn't find a toddler on the roadway, but made contact with the child's mother who said her 2-year-old daughter had gotten out of the house. The woman told officers she was showering while her daughter was napping, but when she got out of the shower, she noticed the child had gotten out through the front door.

She told officers she's working to get a better locking system on the house.

Officers advised her to keep a better eye on the child.


Other recent incidents reported to the JCSO in Braselton and Hoschton were:

•suspicious activity on William Freeman Rd. where someone reported a private investigator in the area.

•information on Maddox Rd. where a woman asked officers to search her car after her sister was arrested on drug charges while driving it. Officers didn't find any drugs.

•battery, obstruction of officers and disorderly conduct on Town Center Pkwy. where a man reportedly struck another man in a restaurant. A med unit checked on the victim, who had injuries to his nose and face. Officers reportedly detained an employee who was in the crowd that had surrounded the fight, after seeing him holding a flashlight with a serrated edge and fearing he was going to use it as a weapon. Officers also had to detain the restaurant owner after he repeatedly interrupted officers and, at one point, touched one of the deputy's shoulders in an attempt to stop him and tell him that the man he detained was an employee. The suspect ultimately left the scene while officers were dealing with the restaurant owner, according to the report.

•civil matter on Ednaville Rd. where some of a woman's personal belongings were removed from a residence and placed on a driveway and the woman wanted to retrieve her other belongings.

•criminal trespass on New Liberty Church Rd. where two people unsuccessfully tried to enter a residence before leaving the scene.

•dispute on Hwy. 53 where two men argued over a parking spot.

•agency assist on Thompson Mill Rd. where a driver was injured in a wreck, but didn't want to be transported.

•information on Thompson Mill Rd. where a man reported an improperly parked tractor-trailer.

•information on New Liberty Church Rd. where a couple argued, but had conflicting stories about the incident. The woman said she pushed the man and he bumped her with the door of the car, and she feared he was going to run her over. But the man told officers he did not try to run her over and that she hit him. Officers said there was no physical evidence to prove either story.

•suspicious activity on Ward Rd. where a man was walking to a convenience store.

•suspicious activity on J. D. Brooks Rd. where officers approached a shed after hearing people inside. One of the men said they lived there, which was confirmed by the incarcerated property owner, who said he planned to evict the man.


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