Braselton police recently arrested two people for loitering and for possessing heroin.

Dustin Lamar Frankum, 26, 75 Holiness Campground Rd., Cleveland, and Steven Taylor Beasley, 29, 253 J. Warren Rd., Cornelia, face charges of purchase, possession, manufacture or sale of a controlled substance or marijuana; possession of drug-related objects; and loitering or prowling.

Braselton Police Department officers approached the two in a vehicle parked near the dumpsters in a hotel parking lot.

Officers saw heroin in their vehicle and later found additional heroin on Beasley's person. They also found needles and a scale.


Other recent arrests made by the BPD were:

•Shelton Wayne Ramey, 44, 4550 Country Rd., Cullman, Ala. — driving while license is suspended/revoked and unregistered vehicle. Someone reported Ramey had knocked on their door late at night, trying to buy a cooler. When officers met Ramey, they saw his tag was expired and later learned he had a suspended license.

•Jaquan Shamarr Thomas, 26, 1367 New Liberty Way, Braselton — criminal trespass-damaged property. Thomas reportedly got into an argument with a family member and damaged a vehicle door handle and key fob.

•Christi Renae Tyra, 52, 79 Royal Crest Dr., Braselton — driving under the influence (DUI)-alcohol; driving too fast for conditions; and open container. Tyra was involved in a wreck and officers smelled alcohol on her. She was arrested following field-sobriety and breath tests.

•Kaitlyn Marie Carter, 24, 2260 Brandon Acres Dr., Buford — speeding; failure to maintain lane; and DUI-alcohol. Carter was stopped for driving 80-mph in a 55-mph zone. She also failed to maintain lane. Officers said Carter smelled of alcohol. She was arrested after a field sobriety test.

•Ashley Marie Bordeaux, 33, 2915 Humphries Dr., Atlanta — loitering or prowling. Bordeaux was reported for trying to enter vehicles at a restaurant. She also reportedly jumped into a moving vehicle that wasn't hers.

•Richard Mackey, 43, 7365 Lazy Hammock Way, Flowery Branch — unregistered vehicle; improper tag display; and DUI-alcohol. Mackey reportedly braked suddenly, then began driving around 25-mph and wasn't able to maintain lane. He wouldn't answer many of the officers' questions and his speech was slurred. He wasn't compliant during a field sobriety test and wasn't able to give a proper breath sample.

•Quinton Antwon Neilly, 34, 2621 Bald Cypress Dr., Braselton — battery. Neilly was arrested after a dispute with a woman that turned physical. Both Neilly and the woman claimed the other attacked them first. Officers couldn't determine a primary aggressor, but didn't arrest the woman involved immediately since there were children in the residence. They planned to take out warrants for simple battery.

•Alfredo Ramirez Domingues, 25, 17103 Imperial Valley Dr., Apt. 143, Houston, Texas — taillight violation; driving without a valid license; and open container. Domingues was stopped for a broken taillight and officers learned he didn't have a license. He was arrested and officers found an open beer can, but they didn't smell alcohol on him.

•Jamie Lynn Freer, 31, 6208 Cove Creek Dr., Flowery Branch — hit and run and failure to maintain lane. An area restaurant first reported a woman was extremely intoxicated when she left. Officers later found a vehicle matching the description of that woman's vehicle, which had extensive damage. The airbags were deployed, a tire was blown, the rear bumper was missing and there was damage to the front of the vehicle. They also saw tire marks and buff marks on a curb. Freer had left the scene with a family member, but later returned. Officers said it was clear she was under the influence.


Other recent incidents reported to the BPD were:

•theft on Silk Tree Pt. where a recycling can was reported missing.

•fraud on Trailridge Way where someone opened a Sprint account in a man's name. The complainant also reported $600 worth of items were shipped to his residence, but never received them nor did he order them.

•juvenile complaint on Grand Hickory Dr. where an 11-year-old juvenile ran away, but was ultimately returned to his residence.

•damage to property on Hwy. 53 where a vehicle damaged a brick wall.

•damage to a vehicle on I-85 where a piece from a vehicle blew off and hit another vehicle's windshield.

•damage to property on Hwy. 53 where a vehicle was damaged in a parking lot.

•civil matter on Sienna Valley Dr. where a man was loud and verbally aggressive towards other people at a residence.

•domestic disturbance on White Walnut Way where a woman said a man got upset after seeing her with a repair man who she hired and the man hit her in the eye.

•possession of marijuana less than an ounce on I-85 where officers stopped a vehicle for speeding and they smelled marijuana in the vehicle. The driver was cited after officers found the substance.

•motor vehicle theft and theft on Bald Cypress Dr. where a man said a woman took his car without permission and also took his phone and transferred $2,700 from his account.


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