Two people recently reported possible scams via phone to the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.

Both reports said someone contacted the complainants, claiming to be with the Social Security Administration. Those reports included:

•deceptive/fraudulent telemarketing on Taylor Dr. where a woman said someone called her claiming to be with the Social Security Administration and told her she was being investigated for fraud and that she didn't need to hang up the phone.

•suspicious activity on Lauren Marie Dr. where a woman reported someone contacted her claiming to be with the Social Security Administration, claiming someone had used her Social Security Number to buy $110,000 worth of goods. She ultimately gave them the last four digits of her SSN when requested. Someone claiming to be with the U.S. Marshal's Office later called, telling her she needed to secretly withdraw money and that two people would come to her residence to meet her. She withdrew the money, but didn't give it to anyone. Officers told the woman it was likely a scam.


Other recent incidents reported to the JCSO in Braselton and Hoschton were:

•theft by taking and motor vehicle theft on West Jackson Rd. where someone took a go-cart.

•financial transaction card fraud on Ednaville Rd. where a man reported someone fraudulently used his bank account, making several purchases.

•civil matter on Hwy. 53 where a family member reported his mother had a relationship with a man who convinced her to take out loans without paying her back. The complainant said they assume the amount is nearly $150,000.

•false imprisonment and kidnapping on Fern Ct. where a woman said she and her estranged husband had an argument and he blocked the door in the bedroom and refused to let her leave.

•suicide threat on Stoneview Dr. where a juvenile was taken to the hospital after making threats of suicide and repeatedly hitting himself in the head, rubbing his neck aggressively with a c-clamp and repeatedly pressing a sharp pencil into his leg. He was also reportedly aggressive, attempted to get away from officers and apparently tried to reach for a knife when officers attempted to restrain him. He also reportedly kicked repeatedly once inside the patrol car.

•failure to secure load on Hwy. 124 where a refrigerator fell off a trailer and struck a vehicle, causing minor damage. The driver of the vehicle with the trailer was cited.

•civil matter on Amber Waves where officers stood on scene during a custody exchange because a man didn't want his ex-wife to make any accusations. Deputies were later called back after the woman reported the ex-husband didn't bring her dog back.

•agency assist on I-85 where a man said a tow truck struck his vehicle, causing minor damage.

•suspicious activity on Freedom Pkwy. where someone reported a van had been parked behind a business for two weeks. The owner said he didn't have anywhere to park it at his residence.

•harassing communications on Dumar Ln. where a woman received numerous phone calls and the caller identification showed her home phone number and her late husband's name.

•suspicious activity on West Jefferson St. where someone reported a child was crying and yelling for someone. She had injured her toe, which was bandaged.

•agency assist on Viper Ln. where a woman was taken to the hospital after an apparent overdose.

•noise complaint/gunshots on Hwy. 53 where someone was doing target practice in a safe, legal way.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 332 where a man saw a moped drive onto Hwy. 332 from the back of a church.

•damage to property on I-85 where a vehicle was damaged after the driver over-corrected, ran off the road and struck a cable divider. No one was injured.

•information on Wehunt Rd. where a woman reported construction noises.

•suspicious activity on Holly Ct. where a woman reported a vehicle parked in the road. It was a private detective.

•welfare check on Butternut Walk where officers attempted to check on a woman who hadn't shown up for work for three weeks. Officers didn't find the woman.

•suspicious activity on Boyd Dr. where a bus driver reported a suspicious vehicle. The owner of the vehicle said he parked there because he was with his boss (who lives on Boyd Dr.) at a job site.

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