Hall County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) investigators have charged two additional suspects for the theft of COVID emergency rental assistance from Hall County.

Felicia Montez Morgan, 36, of Flowery Branch, turned herself in at the Hall County Jail on Thursday morning, Oct. 7, to face once count of theft by deception. She was released on Thursday afternoon after posting $5,700 bond.

According to the initial investigation, Morgan posed as a tenant, requesting rental assistance for her boyfriend, Tony Lamar Mosley, 48, of Flowery Branch. Detectives previously charged Mosley, who pretended to be a landlord, with four counts of theft by deception in the scheme last month.

In a separate case, HCSO investigators implicated Mickey James Melton, 50, of Flowery Branch, for a nearly identical scam. He is charged with two counts of theft by deception.

A representative with Hall County Government reported the theft involving Melton on Sept. 29. Investigators obtained arrest warrants, and Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office personnel took him into custody on Friday afternoon, Oct. 1. HCSO deputies transported Melton to the Hall County Jail. He was released on bond later the same day.

According to preliminary details, Melton posed as a landlord, fraudulently obtaining approximately $21,000 in rental assistance from the county. Although the cases are separate, Investigators determined that Melton knew Mosley. The two allegedly worked together while carrying out their crimes.

Both cases remain under investigation by the sheriff’s office.


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