A vehicle was recently stolen from a Braselton residence during the night.

Officers with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office were called early Feb. 14 to a Gold Crest Dr. residence for the entering auto and theft by taking report.

Someone had entered an unlocked vehicle in the driveway, took the keys to a gray 2013 Ford Escape and stole the vehicle. The stolen vehicle has a Michigan tag.

Meanwhile, the other vehicle that was entered was rummaged through, but wasn’t taken. Keys for both vehicles were taken, however.

Shortly after, deputies were called to a separate Gold Crest Dr. residence for a report of entering auto and theft by taking. Someone entered an unlocked vehicle and took a firearm.


Other recent incidents reported to the JCSO in Braselton and Hoschton were:

•suspicious activity on East Jefferson St. where someone reported seeing a child on the roof of a residence who hid behind the chimney as people drove by. It was an inflatable Christmas decoration.

•death investigation (non-murder) on Jacob Dr. where a 32-year-old woman was found dead. She was 20-weeks pregnant and had previously had complications with the pregnancy, according to her husband.

•damage to property on Hwy. 332 where a woman reported a vehicle drove through her yard and damaged the grass.

•simple assault on New Cut Rd. where a man and woman argued because the woman didn't want the man to drive in bad weather. The man threw an oven mitt at the woman, who then threw a glass cup at him. He then reportedly got into the woman's face, who put her arm on his chest and he pushed her away. He agreed to leave for the night.

•aggravated stalking on New Liberty Way where a man sent child support checks directly to a woman, despite a temporary protection order. The woman feared he may show up at her house.

•transport on Hwy. 124 where a homeless woman was transported to stay with a woman during recent snowy, cold weather.

•suspicious activity on Ward Rd. where someone reported a vehicle was parked at an intersection and they thought they heard a woman scream. Officers didn't find any vehicles in the area.

•welfare check on Moons Bridge Rd. where officers checked on a man, who was OK.

•dispute on Legacy Dr. where a couple had a dispute with a teenager who they let stay with them. When they told him to move out, the teen reportedly screamed at the man, but he ultimately backed off and started packing and moving out. Friends came to assist him with his things and one stood by with a long gun while the others helped him load his belongings. The couple said they were concerned for their belongings in the driveway, specifically tools and a work truck.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 332 where someone reported a vehicle spotlighted a field and they heard gunshots.

•suspicious activity on Gold Crest Dr. where a woman reported a man knocked on her door and asked her to call his aunt. When the woman refused to let him in, the man left the scene. He was also reportedly barefooted and the woman said she was concerned with him being out in the cold, but she didn't feel safe letting him in.

•information on Hwy. 124 West where the owner of a car wash reported a man washed his truck and left a blue substance behind. He feared it was glue or something that might damage the drainage system at the car wash. The driver said it was a lubricant used to pull fiber optic lines.

•theft of motor vehicle on Viper Ln. where a man reported the Jefferson Police Department told him his vehicle had been used to elude them. The vehicle owner denied driving the vehicle and believed another man had stolen it.

•suspicious activity on Cooper Bridge Rd. where a vehicle got stuck in the mud. The driver said he got lost and was trying to turn around.

•criminal trespass on Bill Watkins Rd. where a woman reported her home builder, whom she’s involved in a lawsuit with, was on her property despite being told not to. He was taking pictures.

•dispute on Hwy. 124 where a man and woman argued, then the woman’s boyfriend got into a dispute with the two shoving one another.

•abuse, neglect or exploitation of a disabled or elderly person on Hwy. 124. Staff with Adult Protective Services later said it didn’t appear any abuse had been occurring.

•information on West Broad St. where officers responded to suicide threats made through a Veterans Administration hotline. The man denied wanting to harm himself, but wanted to talk with someone after a military friend committed suicide.

•obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers and driving a vehicle without a tag on McNeal Rd. where officers attempted to stop a Moped without a proper tag. Officers ultimately tracked the vehicle down after discovering its tire tracks along the wood line. It appeared to have been wrecked and the driver apparently fled on foot. Officers didn’t locate the driver.

•harassing communications on Creekside Dr. where a woman reported an ex threatened to post explicit photos and videos of her. He had also reportedly been violent in the past, choking and threatening the woman in a separate incident in Gwinnett County.

•information on Prestwick Dr. where someone used a woman’s credit card to make five fraudulent purchases. The packages listed Prestwick Dr. for shipping.

•financial transaction card fraud on Jackson Trail Rd. where a business owner wrote a check to a vendor and sent it via mail, but the vendor didn’t receive it. The man later learned someone not affiliated with the business had cashed the check.

•civil matter on Skelton Rd. where a man reported his estranged wife wouldn’t let him see their children.

•suspicious activity on Wicklow Ct. where a couple reported a van stopped in front of their house and the driver took photos, but fled when they tried to confront him.

•suspicious activity on Cabin Dr. where a man who is homeless parked at a park during operating hours.

•harassment on Emma Cir. where a woman reported her ex-husband contacted her, claiming she took his belongings. He was also seen driving in the area.


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