With the start of winter sports, Gwinnett County Public Schools has updated its guidance to schools in an effort to provide a safer environment for athletes and fans.

"The health and welfare of athletes and spectators remains a priority for the district, given the ongoing COVID-19 situation," GCPS leaders said. "With that in mind, the school district’s ability to continue with winter sports which are primarily conducted indoors presents particular challenges and will be determined in large part by Georgia High School Association (GHSA) rules and regulations, along with guidance from health partners."

After consulting with county and state health officials, as well as GHSA officials, GCPS believes the following guidance will help to provide athletes and fans with a safer environment to participate in and watch high school sports. In addition to the steps Gwinnett schools are taking to address attendance, cleaning of locker rooms and facilities, and the flow of spectators within facilities and as they leave, the district reminds those in attendance of their responsibility to wear a mask and to follow social distancing protocols.

Updated guidance includes:

  • Online ticket sales (GoFan) for sporting events will be capped at 150 (social distancing required).
  • Standing and loitering in common areas near gymnasiums before, during, and after games is prohibited.
  • Schools will be encouraged to sell only drinks in concession stands using cashless options.
  • Tournaments: Attendance will be capped at 150 per game (social distancing required). Gyms will be emptied between sessions. (A “session” may include multiple games or matches. i.e. a tournament may host a morning session and an evening session.) Locker rooms and common areas will be cleaned following each contest. Adequate time will be provided between sessions for cleaning and crowd control. Spectators should not linger after events.
  • Social distancing and masks are required. GCPS requires employees, students and visitors to school facilities to wear masks or cloth face coverings. Mask and other face coverings are a simple barrier to help prevent respiratory droplets from traveling into the air and onto other people when we talk, cough or sneeze, school leaders said. 

Winter sports include: basketball, sideline cheerleading, spirit cheerleading, dance, swimming and diving and wrestling. (Spectators are not permitted at swimming and diving competitions.)


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