The Hall County School District is currently accepting applications for its Da Vinci Academy, Academies of Discovery at South Hall.

The application packet for sixth graders for the 2021-22 school year can be found at


Any fifth grade student can apply.

Parents of students who live outside the attendance zone of the Academies of Discovery at South Hall must provide transportation for their children.

Da Vinci Academy also accepts applications from students not zoned for the HCSD, but will only grant admission if space is available and after all qualified resident students have been placed. Out-of-district students will be charged tuition.

The deadline to submit the application is Dec. 2 at 3 p.m.

Additional details about the requirements can be found at


The Da Vinci Academy is a program for students who “have a passion for learning, primarily focused in the arts, sciences and technology.”

“Students who are curious, who are original thinkers and who are open to discovering their gifts in a creative educational setting are prime candidates for this program,” according to the application. “Intrinsic motivation, creativity and self-discipline are characteristics that DVA students should possess.”

DVA provides a technology-rich learning environment that features a project-based cooperative learning integrated curriculum. The Museum of Inspired Learning offers opportunities to research and create collaborative exhibits in a museum setting.

“DVA teachers are carefully selected for their creativity, content expertise and ability to teach in an integrated fashion, in addition to their DVA classes with multi-talented teachers, students also work with community experts in their fields of study,” the application continued.

“Parents are an integral component of the success of this program. They commit to a minimum of 15 hours of volunteer work a year and, if they live outside of the Academies of Discovery at South Hall zone, provide transportation for their children to and from school. In return, DVA provides opportunities for students to thrive in a highly personalized environment dedicated to meeting the needs of the passionate learner both academically and creatively.”


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