Jackson Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) awarded $14,492 in Bright Ideas grant funds to 10 local middle school teachers in Jackson County.

Bright Ideas grant winning teachers from Jackson County middle schools are: Bucky Sorrow, East Jackson Middle School, $1,815, for a “Slope Box Derby,” project where students will learn slope and linear relationships in math; Terri Tyner, EJMS, $1,840, for “Community Around Us,” which will allow students to create videos with business leaders and community leaders; Margaret Barber, West Jackson Middle School, $1,897, for a “Robot Olympics;" Brad Hillman, WJMS, $1,995, for a golf simulator to teach algebraic and graphic modeling with linear and quadratic functions; Angie Konarski, WJMS, $1,675, for “Junior Journalism,” for seventh graders to learn journalism techniques, writing skills and video editing to produce an interactive video journal; Caralena Luthi, WJMS, $1,300, for “3D Printer Cars;” Laura Miller, WJMS, $1,675, to create a student anthology for her sixth grade English Language Arts program; and Melinda Wallace, WJMS, $1,865, for “History Through Graphic Memoirs.”

Jennifer McAuley from Jefferson Middle School won a $1,675 Bright Ideas grant for “LabDisks,” which allows students to use real-time data collection instruments to predict, map, analyze and graph multiple measurements in the field.

At Commerce Middle School, Adam Shirley, a science teacher, won an $895 grant for his “Stop the Sun From Seeing You” project so students can experiment with ways to prevent dangerous exposure to UV light.

In 2019, Jackson EMC awarded a total of $61,720 in Bright Ideas grants to 40 teachers in 25 middle schools across its service area.

The Bright Ideas grant program awards up to $2,000 annually to middle school teachers in Jackson EMC’s service area for innovative classroom projects that would go unfunded otherwise. An independent panel of judges evaluates the applications based on measurable goals and objectives, innovation, student involvement and implementation plans.

For more information on the Jackson EMC Bright Ideas grant program, visit jacksonemc.com/brightideas.


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