School offers new way to help students

Jackson County School System social workers, from left, Rachel Duke, Destiny Silich and Stacie Monroe, are working to make the community aware of a new way to help local students in need.

The Jackson County School System is introducing a new partner, Purposity, which provides a way that potential donors can help students in need by downloading an app to a smartphone.

After signing up to support the JCSS, users are sent one notification a week, describing specific needs — a winter jacket for a student in one of the elementary schools or household essentials for a family that has lost its home in a fire.

But the app developers have to know there is sufficient interest in Jackson County to make the tool available.

"Before the app can go 'live' and begin to make our needs known, the school system needs 300 'followers' to log on and choose the district from the schools listed across the country," explained Destiny Silich, one of three JCSS social workers.

She said about 200 have signed up already.

Silich said if potential donors decide they want to help, they can meet a need in just a few clicks, right from their mobile phones.

"Without disclosing the recipients' identity, we can let you know about a genuine need we've identified for a local family," she said. "It’s the simplest way to make an impact locally."

Purposity — the name comes from combining the words purpose and generosity — allows users to quickly and easily lend a hand to local students, she emphasized.

"JCSS's mission is to offer a challenging and rigorous educational experience for all students in a safe and caring learning environment," Silich said. "The staff — and, in particular, the system's social workers — are always looking to join forces with partners and organizations that will help make a bigger impact in the lives of the students, she said.

"This is a way we can bring Jackson County together to better serve our community and help provide for those in need," she added.

To be a part of the JCSS Purposity effort, download the app in the iPhone App Store or Google Play, follow the directions to create an account (users can set a goal or skip that step), navigate to the state of Georgia, and then choose Jackson County Schools.

Learn more online at or call Destiny Silich at 706-367-5151.

Learn more about Purposity at


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