The Commerce City Council’s refusal to turn down Walgreens’ request for a variance in the sign ordinance bodes ill for the regulation of signs in the future.

Like a promiscuous teenager, the council can’t muster the resolve to say “no.” Walgreens wants something the city ordinance does not allow. The city planning commission recommended that the request be denied.

What happens with the sign is of little importance by itself. But giving Walgreens’ permission for a sign 79 percent larger than the ordinance is further evidence that Commerce lacks the courage to enforce its ordinances. The city is re-writing its sign ordinance, but a new ordinance is of little value if the city council lacks the courage to hold businesses to its standards.

More than a new ordinance, Commerce needs city council members with enough backbone to enforce the ordinances it passes. From its sign ordinance to its skateboard ordinance the city has demonstrated time and time again that it will not enforce the laws it creates.

Commerce needs officials with backbone a lot more than Walgreens needs a sign variance.

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