The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and the Jackson County School System announce the completion of the C.H.A.M.P.S. (Choosing Healthy Activities and Methods Promoting Safety) Program.

The classes were presented to fifth grade students in North Jackson Elementary School, South Jackson Elementary School, West Jackson Elementary School, Maysville Elementary School and Gum Springs Elementary School.

Completion of the program led to their graduation which consisted of students being awarded a certificate of completion, as well as a Georgia Sheriffs’ Association CHAMPS T-shirt. Each school had a student chosen as “CHAMPS student of the year.” Additionally, every student participated in an essay contest whereby a winner was chosen from each school.

The following students were chosen as students of the year:

•North Jackson Elementary School – Kaylee Roberts, Cid Yang

•Maysville Elementary School – Abby Smith, Hunter Nave

•South Jackson Elementary School – Breanna Santos, Cesar Barajas-Salinas

•West Jackson Elementary School- Logan Spurgeon, Denver Smith

•Gum Springs Elementary School - Sarah Rountree, Jake Dyer

The following students were chosen first place essay winners:

•North Jackson Elementary School - William Leal

•Maysville Elementary School - Michelle Villa Mares

•South Jackson Elementary School - Lea Rae D’Angelo

•West Jackson Elementary School - Gabrielle Lee

•Gum Springs Elementary School – Trinity Williamson

This program was developed by the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association and is considered to be one of the most successful programs of its type directed to this age group.


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