Amber Cochran Gilbert loves to cook for her family and friends. She grew up surrounded by good cooks and her kitchen is now the heart of her home.

It was her love of cooking that led her to first venture into social media a few years ago with posting “AmbersEats” videos on YouTube where she shares her favorite recipes. She hadn’t been on social media and was hesitant at first.

Amber, who is a graduate of Commerce High School and a former teacher at Maysville Elementary School, has always loved cooking and watching Food Network cooking shows. Lyn Sengupta, brand partner/coordinator for ACG, who has a culinary background, encouraged her to make the YouTube cooking videos and the two have been making them since then.

Some people may have first checked out the “AmbersEats” videos because she is the wife of country star Brantley Gilbert but they most likely returned because they liked the recipes.

Viewers to the YouTube channel started asking Amber questions about lifestyle topics, including parenting, clothing, makeup and hairstyles, which led her to start writing a blog, which she named “Everyday Amber,” found online at She also expanded her social media presence to Instagram (Amber Cochran Gilbert) and Facebook (Everyday Amber).

“People were wanting to know about more than just cooking,” she said. “They wanted to know about outfits or furniture or activities for kids.”

As for naming the blog “Everyday Amber,” she says, “Just because I’m married to a country artist doesn’t make my life that different. People would find me much more relatable than they would think.”

She writes about many things in her blog but one thing that she often touches on, that can also be found on her social media posts, is her faith.

“Our world needs it,” she says of faith. “It’s how I grew up. It’s God. Our family. Our work. I wouldn’t be where I am if I didn’t have that.”

She said if she shares something through social media about faith and someone then comments that it helped them, she feels that, “God has worked through me to shine his light.”

“You have a duty as a Christian to do that,” she said.

While she is sharing things in her life, she makes sure family remains her priority.

"I didn't want my kids to only know me documenting something," she said. ""We do capture moments and then we are done."

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