Joel Logan, GIS Manager with Jackson County government, spoke to the Jefferson Garden Club at their February meeting regarding the 2020 Census and how it affects residents of Jackson County. This is an important topic which impacts all residents in the county, Logan said.

The 2020 Census count is the basis for funding which occurs only on a 10-year cycle. Each person counted represents $2,253 per year in funding. The distribution of $675 billion in federal funds, grants and support to states, counties and communities is based on this important data being received. The first census occurred in 1790 by way of mandate by the U. S. Constitution. The results determine how reapportionment of Congressional seats all the way down to Council seats occur as well as the distribution of monies.

With Jackson County being the 10th fastest growing county in the United States, it is vital for all to be counted, Logan said. Census information is confidential for 72 years. Census workers must take a lifetime oath on privacy of information. By law your responses can only be used to produce statistics.

This year, the Census Bureau will allow you to reply with your respective data online, by mail or by phone with initial mailings of packets starting March 12, 2020. The Jefferson library will have computer access for this purpose.

"It is your mandatory civic duty to be counted!' stated Logan. Additional information can be found on the Jackson County Government page on Facebook.

Mary Gramley hosted the February meeting in her home with Posy Henson and Elaine Kupis as co-hostesses. Eleven members were in attendance with one guest.


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