I recently sent a package through the mail. I was careful to put bubble wrap all around it. I even bought an envelope with extra padding. When I arrived at the post office I let them know that it was fragile. Quickly the postal worker marked it, “Fragile: Handle with care.” There are times I wish we could put a stamp on our foreheads to let people know when we are fragile. We all need to be handled with great care.

Remember when that newborn came into our families. At first glance, I don’t think there is a greater fragility. These precious, little ones depend on us for everything. Then they grow into toddlers, and school seems to come much too quickly. Before we know it, they are teens who battle so many issues in the day and time in which we live.

Even as they continue to grow into teens and young adults, life is still fragile and we need to handle them with upmost care. We are raising them to live out God’s plan for their lives. We are molding and making them to become productive members of society. I know some ages are easier than others, but through the muck and the mire, may we always exemplify the Lord. At times that could be tough discipline, but may our young people always know we love them and may we continue to encourage them.

We also have a circle of influence outside our family. Sometimes I marvel at the people God puts into my life. When I meet someone new at work or a new person comes to the ministry, I immediately say, “Okay Lord. How would you have me to love, serve and encourage this life?” In reality, I have met a few people who are a challenge. That’s when I focus on the fact that God created this life, and He loves this person with an everlasting love. Here’s my prayer. “Dear Lord, let me see this person like you see them.” I hope we all realize there is good in everyone.

Many times the person down the hall may be having a very tough time. She may be going through a divorce, juggling a boatload of bills and trying to raise her children alone. Then take a look in the next cubicle. There may be a fellow who is barely hanging on, and we have a choice. Are we going to let the hustle and bustle of life get the best of us? Yes! The very best of us is when we allow God to work through us to minister to the lost and hurting that show up all around us. God sends people our way so we can complete the good work in which He has called us to do.

Finally, let us remember that our life is fragile, and we need to handle it with care. It’s up to us to get healthy and stay in shape. We have a choice with what goes into our vessel. Are we going to watch garbage on the television or listen to it on the radio? May we remember our life is a gift from God and let us always do our best to glorify Him!

Whether we are serving our family, people on our jobs, or in our local church, let us not forget that people are fragile at times. My prayer is that we will always point them to Jesus in the way we walk, talk and live our everyday lives.

Sherry Lewis is the pastor of New Beginnings Worship Center. Send email to her at bcnscoop@aol.com.


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