Dewey and Lynda Baker of Commerce celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary in Piedmont Athens Regional Hospital where both have been patients for more than one month battling COVID-19. The couple hadn’t seen each other since being admitted to the hospital, but even in the hospital, love knows no bounds.

Both of the Bakers had been in the Intensive Care Unit and the staff in the hospital’s ICU wanted to do something special for the couple on their 55th anniversary.

Dewey’s health had been getting better, and as a result, he was scheduled to be transferred to an ICU step-down unit last week.

Before the staff moved him to the step-down unit, they brought him by to see his wife in another room in the ICU so they could see each other on their anniversary.

The month they have been apart in the hospital is the longest they’ve been apart in the 55 years they’ve been married.

As Dewey was taken to his wife’s room in a wheelchair, he was holding a sign with “Happy 55th Anniversary” written on it as a surprise for her. He also had brought her flowers.

Lynda smiled as he entered the hospital room and said, “I don’t know what I look like.”

As his wheelchair stopped at the bed, he said, “You look great,” and took her hand. They held hands and smiled at each other.

One of the couple’s daughters, Sherry Beauchamp, said her mom told her it was so nice just to be able to sit with Dewey and hold his hand and talk to him since it had been so long since they’d even been able to talk.

“It was just a short visit, but I cannot imagine the impact that visit had on their spirit,” Sherry said.

She added, “We really want to recognize the nurses and doctors. We have had some of the most amazing people who arranged for Mama and Daddy to see each other and have comforted us in ways that are above and beyond their call of duty.”

Dewey has since been released from the hospital, but Lynda is still at Piedmont Athens Regional.

“Mama’s nurse made sure that Daddy was able to visit with her for a good long while before being discharged,” Sherry said. “While he was so happy to be going home after 30 days in the hospital, he had a hard time leaving Mama there. He said he always thought they would leave at the same time. True love and commitment!”


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