When you hear the name Sammy Brown, football and recruitment status immediately comes to mind but most would not know this certain talent he has picked up.

At only the age of three Brown began playing football. Whether it was playing catch in the yard with his dad Michael Brown or playing in the house, you could find him playing football. From backyard football, to flag football and now playing football at Jefferson High School Brown has always loved the game.

“Football runs in our family so I am just following the family tradition because I have always loved playing,” Brown explained. Brown has been fortunate enough to have his father as his coach throughout his high school career thus far. “He has helped me so much along the way and has coached me really well. He has been very helpful throughout the recruitment process and all. He has for sure played a prominent role in my football career,” Brown said.

Brown’s proudest moment was during his first game at Jefferson against rival Rabun County. “I took one 70 something yards to the house. It was cool and I am proud of it,” Brown explained.

Brown, who ran for 753 yards and 11 touchdowns in an injury-shortened 2021 season, is now heading into his junior year of high school and not only focusing on being a student athlete but also focusing on the recruitment process.

“It is all kind of crazy. It feels like only yesterday I was just a freshman. I am trying to take in as much as I can and not take anything for granted because it all goes by so fast,” Brown recalled. Aside from football Brown has somewhat of a hidden talent. Brown decided to pick up the guitar one day and realized he was pretty good at playing.

“I literally picked up the guitar because I wanted to learn Chicken Fried by Zac Brown. I just started playing and realized how fun it was.” Brown said.

Brown stated, “I am gonna go to football in the mornings and play the guitar and fish in the afternoons.”

Brown is looking forward to the upcoming football season ahead of JHS.

“We’re gonna be pretty good. I am most excited to see what we’re gonna be able to do. We have a new offense and a new head coach so I am excited to see what we can do on the field,” Brown expressed.


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