Foothills Education Charter High School held the district-wide graduation commencement with the top honor graduate being from the Jackson site.

Gracie Dills was the top honor graduate from the 16 Foothills sites. She was the featured speaker at the gradation program held in Monroe.

“I would like to express my appreciation to all of the teachers, friends and family who helped me get to where I am right now standing here,” she said. “Not to play favorites but I would like to personally thank my mentor, Glenda Meeler. I am thankful that you always let me know how much faith you had in me. I could count on you to be there to help me and to cheer me on. I would also like to thank the administration for providing me with this opportunity. Before we found Foothills, I was bouncing around from traditional day schools and alternate schools. It was overwhelming. I could never find the right fit for my educational and personal needs. Foothills offered me everything I was looking for and lots more.”

The graduation program also included an “open mic (microphone)” opportunity for each graduate to speak a few minutes if they would like to. Jackson graduate Ashleigh Bohannon took the microphone and thanked her mentor, Robin Sykes.

Graduation ceremonies are held at each of the 16 Foothills sites, including Jackson County, in late May or early June each year. District-wide graduation ceremonies are held in August and December. The recent December program honored 53 graduates.

Those from Jackson County graduating in December were: Ashleigh Bohannon, Austin Bush, Gracie Dills, Lillian Horton and Marc Sutton.

“This is a big deal and we are so proud of you,” superintendent Sherrie Gibney-Sherman said at the December graduation. “You have the courage to register and to decide to go to Foothills. You are the only ones who can decide to do the work to make it to the finish line. We thank you. Because of your work, others will have this opportunity. There are many others across the state who need the Foothills experience. Every family has someone in their lives who needs a Foothills experience.”


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