East Jackson Middle School students named to the Honor Roll and A/B Honor Roll for the 24 week grading period have been named.

Students earning all A’s in their content classes and nothing lower than a A in all connections classes are eligible for the East Jackson Middle School Honor Roll List. ] Honor Roll students are: Haven Adams, Jay Yon,Savannah Brown, Wyatt Wilson, Ryan Wall, Jack Saucier, Norah Nichols, Noah Nichols, Ryan Lampe, Emma Kate Holley, Jocelyn Hawks, Jaymi Davis, Mallory Bass, Isaac Robbins, Lea D’Angelo, Ah’Rayah Odom, Julian Ocon, Hollianna Stupfell, Kayci Hallford, Camila Camacho, Abby Hester, Natalie Lynch, Dominic Miller, Ashlyn Tucker,Landon Bancroft, DeEric Burns, Robert Hollett III, Thomas Johnson, Emma Murphy, Kasen Wagner, Courtney Cameron, Jack Cartlidge, Connor Dickerson, Leila Huss, Gracelyn Moore, Hudson Willbanks, Jordyn Baxter, Kayla Fricks, Addison Nichols, Savannah Perry, Kimberly Pleshka, Mattison Renrick, Andrew Richardson, Brooks Saunders, Reese Sorrow, Isabel Weight, Anna Hix, Christian Murray, Mylee Addington, Emily Bunn, Cooper Lee and Briana Buenaventura


Students on the A/B Honor Roll list have at least two A’s in content areas with nothing lower than a B in remaining content areas and all connections classes.

A/B Honor Roll students are: DJ Ferizovic, Jeffrey Cornelius, Natalee Croya, Maddie Jackson, Logan Kidd, Avery Cown, Zane Holt, Maddie Gooch, Bodey Farfour, Aidan Duncan, Emma Gamble, Avery McCollum, Warren Hiley, Rhett Morgan, Sydney Ware, Elizabeth Wegesend, Jordan Welty, Melanie Tidwell, Jackson Case, Denim Cooper, Carlos Uribe, Alexis Vilches, Zachary Robinson, Bryan Tavira-Albarran, Shannon Smith, Haley Booth, Arturo Garcia-Herrera,, Emily Kooistra, Kamya Swann, Braidon Fielding, Em Hale, Katelyn Mauldin, Cristan Razo, Tristan McDonald, Anna Nixon, Kevin Bacilio-Juarez, Yatziri Cayetano Basilio, Keyli Guzman-Hernandez, Stella Sanches, Emily Willis, Taylor Clark, Hailey Cruce, Jude Fitzpatrick, Emory Kitchens, Mason Smith, Maeleigh Tatum, Jaycee Trogdon, uliet Camp, Christopher Christian, Michael Kelleher, Hannah McEver, Collin Ramsey, Matthew Streetman, Emerson Turco, Phoebe Wheeler, Tallulah Williams, Tyler Barnes, Jayden Hoopaugh, Chloe Lawrence, Maddie Moore, Abigail Bryant, Nickolas Huff, Valeria Mendez Diaz, Tristan Searcy-Smith, Brady Saunders, Kylee Addington, Kallie Jones, Yukary Rogel, Carleigh Chandler, Brayden Giannone, Vi’Tory Williams and Grayson Myler

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