The Jefferson Woman’s Club held its first meeting of the 2021-22 club year on Monday, September 13, with a fashion show presented by Donna Smith, owner of Polished Chic.

As members enjoyed a salad lunch catered by Sugar & Spice, models presented fashions ranging from very chic to casual for the 25 members and five guests in attendance. Ms. Smith mentioned that there is now a second location of Polished Chic, located in downtown Commerce.

The meeting was held in the refurbished courtroom of the old Jackson County Courthouse. Beth Laughinghouse, historian, noted that on October 12, 1912, the Jefferson Civic Improvement Club (re-named the Jefferson Woman’s Club in 1915) was organized and federated in the Jackson County Courthouse by then Mayor J. S. Ayers and Athenian Mrs. H. C. White, State President of the Women’s Clubs. She added that the club chartered with 35 members, 32 of whom were present at the organizational meeting.

Mrs. F. M. Bailey was the first president of the club, which had dues of 10 cents per month, or $1 per year. After the first meeting in the courthouse, meetings were held in members’ homes, and later in various restaurants and meeting facilities in Jefferson.

President Cindy Crane stated that the club has come full circle, with the first and current meetings both held at the courthouse.

Members Tammy Babb and Sue Johnson discussed the Glenda’s Graces projects, touching on the four areas of focus: literacy and education; art; home life; and civic responsibility. One of the important projects highlighted is the placement of children’s books in various locations around the county and the “little libraries” located in parks to encourage children to read.

Elizabeth Varnedoe discussed the need for collection of items for DFCS support, to supply children with basic necessities upon removal from abusive or other home crisis situations. Members donated items such as pajamas, socks, and undergarments, along with book bags and duffels.

The next meeting will recognize October as Breast Cancer Awareness month, with members contributing items for care bags for distribution to chemotherapy patients at Northeast Geogia Cancer Center.

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