Dylan Baker stopped by the Commerce Public Library and helped load food going to the Banks Jackson Food Bank.

The recent food drive at the Commerce Public Library brought in $637 in monetary donations and enough food to fill a truck bed.

"Thank you to all who donated to the library's Christmas Food and Dime Drive," library manager Angel Abounader states. "Groceries came in from far and wide, from Atlanta to North Georgia, including the Kerry Group who eagerly jumped on board when they heard the library was having a food drive. Generous monetary donations were donated as well. All funds and foodstuffs will go to the Banks Jackson Food Bank. Patrons have been so kind as to donate $637.24 over the weeks that this food drive has been conducted and enough food to fill a truck bed, which will be delivered to the food bank.


Remember to check the Commerce Library's Facebook page for videos with Christmas stories and craft activities.

"The staff at your Commerce Public Library wishes you, and all those close to you, a joyous Christmas season filled with happiness, peace, and good health," Abounader says.

The library will be closed Thursday, Dec. 24, through Dec. 27 and will reopen on Monday, Dec. 28, at 10 a.m. The following week, the library will also be closed on Friday, Jan 1, and Saturday, Jan. 2, in celebration of the New Year. The book drop will be closed during these special holiday hours as well.

Fines continue to be suspended due to the virus.

Staff member Jill Roper encourages, "come check out some of our new titles to enjoy during our cold weather."

New adult fiction now available include: James Patterson's "NYPD Red 6," Elin Hilderbrand's "Golden Girl," Stuart Woods' "Jackpot," Eric Von "Lustbrader's" "The Kobalt Dossier," Sam J. Miller's "The Blade Between," Tracy Borman's "Fallen Angel" and Paige Shelton's "Cold Wind." Borman's novel is number 3 of the Frances Gorges historical trilogy.

So many new nonfiction titles have been added since the Thanksgiving holidays that it would be difficult to mention everything.

"It's definitely safe to say," advises staff member Carolyn Cook, "that there is something for everyone."

Here are a few of these new books: "Southern Living's 2020 Annual Recipes," "Healthy, Quick and Easy Juicing" by Dana White, "Breathe Again" by Stacy Henagan, "Do It Afraid" by Joyce Meyer and "Wake Up Grateful" by Kristi Nelson. There are also five with historical themes, including "Bonnie and Clyde" by Karen Blumenthal, "A Mighty Long Way" by Carlotta Wallis LaNier, "The Fighting Bunch" by Chris DeRose, "Inferno" by Jo Papalardo, and "Nazi Wives" by James Wylie.

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