This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. It’s a time when teachers are usually recognized with a special breakfast or treat at school. That won’t be the case this year as teachers walked out of their classrooms in March with no idea that they would not be back this school year.

It’s been a stressful time for everyone as we’ve adjusted to a new “normal” and teachers have certainly been learning a new “normal” as they have quickly had to quickly figure out a way to finish up the school year. This is challenging but the wonderful teachers in our county have risen to the challenge and are continuing to teach their students. When online learning isn’t possible, they make sure the students have packets of written material to get the coursework done.

I have heard my sister teaching her students virtually. I have seen both of my nephews, a sixth grader and a 12th grader, on their laptops working on their schoolwork. I’ve heard them interacting with their teachers. School has not stopped just because the buildings are closed. Teachers are still making sure the students are learning.

Teachers are adjusting their lessons to make sure they work in a virtual classroom. They are reaching out to make sure all of the students are checking in online. They are delivering materials to those students who don’t have computer or Internet access.

Teachers, along with their students, are also sad that this May is not the same as the usual school year. There will be no Field Day, no Honors Day program, no last day of school where you get to say goodbye to your teachers and friends. Those events wrap up the school year and give everyone some closure for the year.

While we may not be able to see teachers in person as this school year ends, send an email or text to those teachers you know and thank them for what they are doing. I’ve always appreciated the teachers from my school years. I not only have a sister, but I also have many friends who are teachers, and I appreciate all that they are doing to educate your young people. Be sure and tell the teachers in your life you appreciate them this week as Teacher Appreciation Week is observed.

Angela Gary is an editor with MainStreet Newspapers Inc. She can be reached at

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