The dusting of snow we had wasn’t enough for some of my friends who actually went on a snow quest farther north looking for more of the white stuff. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love snow more than anyone. At the first sign of white flakes falling from the sky, I start putting on layers and boots and head outside. We don’t get a lot of snow so I can’t help but feel like a child again and get excited when it does snow.

While I still get excited about the snow, I’m not going to drive in it. I still have vividly remember that time I arrived at a quaint hotel in the heart of a mountain town on the back of a tow truck. It wasn’t how we planned to make our arrival that dark, winter night but that’s what happened. 

I’m not even sure you are supposed to stay in the car while it’s being towed but we did. It was dark and snowing really hard and the road was shut down after we skidded across it and came to a stop inches away from the guard rail. On the way home, when I saw where we had come to a stop and the huge drop down the mountain side, I was a little nauseous. I was very thankful that it was too dark the night we arrived in the snow for me to see how close we came to going over the edge.

When the tow truck driver finally made it to us, we were so cold and scared that we didn’t realize at first that he was hooking the car up with us still in it. It was quite the adventure. 

When we started out toward North Carolina that afternoon, the weather was fine in Georgia. I did check and see snow was in the forecast later that night in North Carolina but I thought we would make it before it started. We were almost there when small flakes began to fall. It was so pretty and we were excited but it soon turned into a blizzard and we couldn’t see at all. Add to that a phone battery that was low and a need for gas and a bathroom and it really was a stressful experience. 

I think this little adventure is when I became terrified to drive in the snow. When I hear that snow is in the forecast for us, I don’t leave the house. I know how quickly pretty snowflakes can turn into a traffic hazard. So, while I love a good snow, I won’t be one of those snow chasers. I’ll just enjoy their photos on social media while I’m cozy inside the house sipping hot chocolate and watching a Lifetime movie.

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