Over 125 youth participated in the 2019 Gainesville Area Georgia 4-H Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging Competition hosted by Georgia 4-H and the Georgia Cotton Commission on Oct. 28, at the Chicopee Woods Agricultural Center in Gainesville.

The Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging area competitions are part of the Georgia 4-H Healthy Living Program. This competitive judging contest teaches 4-H’ers about cotton as an agriculture commodity in Georgia as well as cotton promotion through commercials or advertisements. The competition offers youth the chance to build critical thinking skills, public speaking skills and life skills in consumer economics. The Georgia 4-H Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging Competitions are sponsored by the Georgia Cotton Commission.

“Consumer Judging teaches youth how to think critically and make smart consumer decisions,” said Dr. Courtney Brown, extension 4-H specialist. “The skills learned in preparation for this competitive event are real-life skills that youth will continue to use throughout their lives when making purchases.”

The area contest consists of two competition areas: judging classes and advertisements or commercials. In the judging class portion of the competition, 4-H’ers are required to judge four classes of consumer items or services, ranking items based on provided details, factors and scenarios as well as provide oral reasonings for their selections. The advertisements and commercials portions require 4-H’ers to promote cotton and its use through a presentation, costume and poster.

Each county may bring up to 20 senior contestants from ninth through 12th grades and 20 junior contestants from fourth through eighth grade. The youth compete individually for high individual and as a team through the combination of the top county individuals. Jackson County Jr. team consisting of Hannah McEver, Noah Nichols, Courtney Cameron, and Reese Sorrow won first place. Carolyn Phillips senior competitor won second High Overall Individual.


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