The Young Georgia Author System Level Winners for the Jackson County School System are both students at East Jackson Middle School, Zoey Kozlowski, the sixth grade winner, and Hannah McEver, the seventh grade winner.


An excerpt from Zoey’s original piece, entitled "Oats and Anxiety,” is below:

Now that I had all of my stuff, I needed to go to the kitchen. I walked out of the door, and looked down the hallway to ensure there was no one there. I was relieved, and yet my feet still felt frozen to the ground. I took a couple of deep breaths and took a few steps down the hall. I was doing good, I just needed to go up the staircase and go into the kitchen. “Step, step, step.” Someone had just gone up the stairs before me! I waited for a second before going up there because I didn’t want them to see me.

After finally getting up the steps, I walked in the direction of the kitchen and realized the light was on. I deeply wished that someone just left the kitchen and that’s why the motion-sensor light was still on. I knew that I was wrong though, and my fears were confirmed when I looked in the window inside of the door and there were two people, one blonde and one with dark black hair. “What do I say?’’ I thought. “ I can’t go in there now!’’ I knew that I couldn’t back out now. I walked in slowly and both girls pushed back their long hair to look up at me and when they moved to get an algebra book, I could see that they were studying because of their hastily scribbled notes under their arms.

I walked right past them and didn’t say hello, and still afraid that it was impolite, I walked to the sink. I put the appropriate amount of water into the mug and poured in the oatmeal. I worried whether the girls behind me liked the smell of this oatmeal, but I just decided to let it go. I had more to stress about now that the mug was in the microwave and that stupid microwave was always way too loud! I yanked the microwave door open, fearing that the beeping would interrupt the two girls studying behind me, but they just looked at me like I was crazy for swinging the door open.”


Hannah’s poem in full, entitled, "Broken Glass,” is below:

The Broken Glass is clear

And strange things appear

As the cracks get more and more severe






You may see blue

But when the glass is what you are looking through

You find yourself with a different hue




In fr0nt 0f y0u, tHere Is a d00r

WIth 0ne l00k it bec0mes muCH m0re

Maybe even a ro0m wIth an e n d l e s s fl00r




1n your {cl0set], you m*y see y0ur cl0thes

B^t what 1he gl*ss 2h0ws

1s * chIckEn with r*zors *s t0es




1h3 gl+55 i& cl3+R

+n^ s1r+Ng3 1hiNg5 Aqq3aR

A5 1h3 CR+ck5 g31 M0R3 An^ M0R3 S3VeR3


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